name: Nnenna Fleur D'Cรดte
dob: 03/10/1999 (22 years old)
nationality: american

Wildfire (superhero name)
N (nickname)

captain amercia: winter soldier
age of ultron
wildfire (custom movie)
civil war
wildfire: the 4 elements (custom movie)
avengers: infinity war
avnegres: endgame


Nnenna is the heir of Hellgard aka the fire nation. She never loved her life there since they were demeaned "dangerous" and "unstable". She left her kingdom at the age of 7 to see if she had a life more than what she has seen. She was adopted by a couple who couldn't have children of their own. Everything was fine until one night her "parents" were arguing about her and she was overwhelmed suddenly a bright light flashed. The next thing she knew was that firefighters were trying to save the house and she was being dragged out of her house. She learned later that her "parents" died in the house fire but she had no burnt marks on her. She caused the fire. Fury heard about her and took an interest, he showed her the avengers and how they can help her control her abilities.


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Nnenna usually puts a hard shell to cover how sad she is. She likes saying mean, funny, and sarcastic statements. She never tells people how she really feels.

superhero outfit

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Pyrokinesis is the purported psychic ability allowing a person to create and control fire with the mind.

close friends

bucky barns

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She met Bucky in battle when he was the Winter Soldier. Steve talked about him to her before so she felt his pain when he found out his friend was a massive assassin. Later in Civil War (she was on Cap's side) she and Bucky found out they kinda have some things in common and became very close friends after that.

steve rogers

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When Fury introduces her to the avengers, Steve helped her feel comfortable and trained her to focus on her emotions to control her abilities. She usually came to him when she had nightmares or problems. He kinda was her father figure.

wanda maximoff

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In the beginning, Wanda didn't like Nnenna because she was very close to Pietro. She usually drives Nnenna away from him because didn't want to admit that she was scared to lose him. After Civil War Wanda apologized to Nnenna and they started to become close friends even after Nnenna broke up with her brother.

love interest

pietro maximoff

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She first saw him when he sped past her and Clint when they were trying to blow up a Hydra base saying his iconic line. They started talking after she saved his life when Ultron hacked the quinjet shooter almost killing Clint, the little kid, and Pietro. He wanted to know more about her and she was interested in him too. In a couple of weeks they were officially a couple but broke up in Civil War when they argued and he unexpectedly took Tony's side. They remained friends after but got back together in Avengers: Infinity Wars.

movie summaries


This movie talks about the backstory of her kingdom and the 4 elements. Coming off her backstory, this movie was for her to find who she really is, how to control her abilities, and making friends.

wildfire: the 4 elements

Her dad finally has burnt out aka died and her oldest brother has to take over the kingdom. There was already peace between each element but her brother wanted to take over all the elements as her grandfather did. She objectified his rule telling him what happened last time they tried to rule each element and he banished her. She called Fury about this matter since he was gonna take over Earth first. Only gods or superhumans can go to Hellgard so she asked Thor for help and he agreed. They figure out a way to stop her brother but in the end, her brother dies, Hellgard burns out, and she has to rebuild her kingdom as her dad did.