Heey! I decided to write this article to finally get some friends here! I love this app so much and the people here so why not:)

I'm going to do a tag of basic stuff so u get to know me a bit if u want to talk:)

♥ I neeed a friend (im happy with one haha) to be friends with! Sent messages at any time, cry over stupid stuff, ugly pics, travel to know each other at some point etc etc

Get to know me tag

  • Name and age

My name is Val, i'm 20 years old (old asf)

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  • Zodiac sign:

piscis here!

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  • Appearence:

Redhead, lots of freckles, brown eyes, tall

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  • Favorite colors:

Pink and gold.

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  • Favorite movies:

Atonement, mamma mia, before sunrise, every romcom and some horror movies.

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  • Favorite food:

pasta aaalways.

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  • Favorite season:

I'm between winter and fall! Love both so much.

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  • Passions:

Reading, movies, engineering, traveling and fitness.

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  • Personality:

I consider myself a huge hufflepuff person! I'm shy, patience, and nice.

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I think thats the basic stuff about me!
If you want to be friends, pleaaase send me a text! I really want to get some friends here, it doesn't matter if we don't have stuff in common or anything

Have an amazing day!