Here im going to tell you all the songs, artists, albums etc in general that i've been listening to during this quarantine- Hope you like it

1.- More & More- TWICE: they are y favorite kpop group and this comeback is literally all i love. It's winter where i live and i hate winter so this song and mini album in general gives me that summer vibe that i really miss.

momo, sana, and twice image k-pop, twice, and more and more image

2.- Be Mine (Tharntype OST)- Pop Jirapat: since i got obssesed with Tharntype i got obssesed with the OST too. The lyrics from this song are a little bit toxic, but the music is so nice and Pop's voice is literally perfection

mew suppasit, mewgulf, and gulf kanawut image bl, Boys Love, and drama image

3.- Si veo a tu mamá- Bad Bunny: Bad Bunny is the kind of artist i wanna listen to when im really happy and motivated. There are some days in quarantine when im happy and want to do a lot of things and im jamming to this song so frecuently.

earrings, latino, and style image art, bad bunny, and digital art image

4.- Moon- (Jin) BTS: I feel like i didn't aprecciate this album at the time it came out and this song has become my favorite. Seokjin's vocals are amazing.

jin, rm, and park jimin image jin, kpop, and bangtan image

5.- Always You- Louis Tomlinson: this is my favorite song from Walls and i love it cause it gives me a lot happiness and a calm and cozy vibe. Plus louis's talent is the thing that i love the most in the world

boys, celebrities, and music image artist, grey, and Tattoos image

6.- Generation Why- Conan Gray: There are days where i just feel like i don't wanna be an adult anymore and wanna be a child again. This song just gave me those feelings.

conan gray image Image by Private User

7.- God's Menu- Straykids: I don't know if they put a spell on me or what but everything SKZ does i love it. This song is a masterpiece honestly is so different and original.

Chan, felix, and han image jisung, felix, and han image

8.- Here- Alessia Cara: She is an amazing artist and all her songs are pure art. This song is old but i always come back to it cause it gives me so much feeling and nostalgia. One of these quarantine nights i listened to it at 3 AM.

alessia cara, cara, and alessia image alessia cara, cara, and alessia image

9.- 2002- Anne Marie: i always loved this song so there's no much explanation

Image removed anne marie image

10.- Adore You- Harry Styles: do i need to explain why?

Harry Styles, background, and wallpaper image Harry Styles, harry, and styles image

11.- Psycho- Red Velvet: this is probably the song that i have listened the most this year. Its a bop and honestly is so good i never get tired of it.

Psycho, red velvet, and the reve festival finale image red velvet, psyco, and the reve festival finale image

12.- Young & Sad: Honestly there are days where i just feel like nothing and i can relate so much to this song.

alternative, cyrus, and noah cyrus image mood and noah cyrus image

13.- Not by the moon- GOT7: I got really obssesed with this comeback is just pure art.

Image by NTUAM kpop, got7, and not by the moon image

14.- As if its your last- Blackpink: this is my favorite bp song so i always listen to it

lisa, visual, and jennie kim image blackpink, lisa, and jennie image

15.- What the Hell- Avril Lavigne: There are times when i wanna go back in time and isten to old music including this maserpiece.

Avril Lavigne, icons, and avril lavigne icons image Avril Lavigne, icons, and avril lavigne icons image

16.- Instagram- Dean: this song gives me cozy vibes i've listening to it mostly when im reading or jus relaxing in general

dean, kwon hyuk, and kpop image aesthetic, dean, and single image

17.- No te enamores- Paloma Mami: im not into her music honestly, but this song is really catchy.

paloma mami image artista, cantante, and estilo image

18.- Feel Special- TWICE: Im not over this song honestly is so good and it helps me when im feeling sad.

girls, k-pop, and twice image Image removed

19.-Damelo- Ceaese, Utopiko, Drefquila: this song is really cool and chill i love it

drefquila image jonas sanche, ceaese, and cream gang image

20.-Crystal Snow- BTS: I love this song cause is reallt beautiful and sad and im really sad this quarantine

crystal snow and bts image crystal snow, jin, and rm image

21.- SIGNAL- TWICE: idk why im coming back to this song so much during the quarantine

Image by sachiko_venere Image by sachiko_venere

22.- A Whole New World- Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott: i just dont know why

aladdin, disney, and jasmine image aladdin, celebrity, and disney image

23.- Kang Goo- Bright vachirawit (2gether OST): This man's voice is amazing Bright is so talented and im still obssesed with this OST including Scrub's songs

bright vachirawit image Image by francesc

That's all fot today there are a lot of more songs but i dont want this list to get longer so if u want a part 2 tell me :)