Hello cuties!

I’m Extremely sorry for The delay with today’s Article.

But today I’m very excited to announce my new series called... Interview With The Cuties! This series is just having interviews with anyone, it could be you as well!

I will be answering the common questions if you want to be in the IWTC!

1. Do I have to popular? Or have a lot of likes, or followers?

You don’t have to be popular or have a lot of likes, or followers.
All you have to do is email me!

Email: interviewtc2003@gmail.com

2. What will happen after the interview via email?

I will plublish on whi, mentioning your username and writing a title that will make people want to know you better. I'm planning to post an article of this format every Monday, but you can email me any day of the week, and I will publish on Monday.

3. What is IWTC?

Interview With The Cuties, just questions (10) that I wrote asking you about yourself, how you are feeling, and what is your lifestyle! ❤️

4. What has this to do with me?

And interview always needs a second in command. You!

And guys just remember that I’m searching for people to be in this project with me! And.. email me interviewtc2003@gmail.com

You are a goddess 💕