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Full Name: Skyler Ophelia Burke
Nicknames: Sky, Mack, Blood Traitor

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Gender: Female/Straight-supports everyone

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Blood Status: Pureblood

Wand: 13 1/2 inches, Fir Wood, Raven Feather, Brittle Flexibility

-Eugenia Burke (nee. Borealis; mother) -- She was a Slytherin during her years at Hogwarts and runs a shop in Knockturn Alley and is a Death Eater
-Alder Burke (father) -- He was a Slytherin while attending Hogwarts and runs his father's shop, Borgin and Burke's, along with his father and the Borgins and is a Death Eater
-Dylan Burke (brother) -- is two years older and was sorted into Slytherin and ran away from home along with Skyler when they were forced into joining the Death Eaters

Her family tried to force her into joining the Death Eaters but instead ran away along with her brother and stayed in the Lovegood household along with her brother, Ellouise, and her family

House: Ravenclaw

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Favorite Classes: History of Magic, DADA, Astronomy

Least Favorite Classes: Potions, Herbology

Patronus: Crow

Animagus: None

Boggart: Becoming a Death Eater and killing the people she cares about

Additional Info:
-Is a Metamorphagus so she can come and go as anything whenever she pleases
-She speaks German, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, and Latin
-Saved Regulus' life and helped him escape from his family and hid him in her house
-Wasn't a very good friend of the Marauders until she hexed Severus for them because he was about to test out one of his new spells on them (5th Year)
-is very protective of the boys and their friends
-helped Wolfstar happen
-Married a friend of the Marauders named Cade who joined the Order along with Skyler
-Cade became an Auror and Skyler started working for the Ministry and worked as a translator and undercover agent, traveling the world