There are some uncomfortable truths that some of us have not faced yet, but that will probably help us progress professionally, personally, and as a society.

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1. Happiness is now and here

We should not depend on material things like new clothes, jewelry or a new car to be happy. We should not depend either on a person, a place, a job or a hair color. Yes, they may make us feel joy and/or excitement, but whole happiness is something beyond that.

All of those are temporary and if our happiness depends on them, it will be temporary too. We should learn to find happiness where and when we are, to be happy of what we are and what we have done.

Until you give up on the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.

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2. Quitting does not make you a loser

Recognizing that something isn't for you and changing direction is not for losers, but for future winners.

More than quitting, change your life path.

Know when to quit, when to demand for more, when to leave a harmful relationship, so you do not waste more time and find something that really works for you. Something in what you will be a winner.

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3. If they really wanted to, they would

Do not waste too much effort and time trying to safe a relationship. Let them go and wait for someone that really does what you want, that prioritizes you, that feels the same that you do.

Apply pressure and they will do what you want them to do. Don't and you'll see what they'll rather do.

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4. Taking no risk is the biggest risk

Taking the risk of failing or being rejected can end up in success or being accepted, but taking the risk of not taking the risk comes with a secure sense of constant "what would have happened?".

If you are avoiding taking risks, you are risking missing out on a life.

What sounds worse?

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5. Call yourself out.

Accept your mistakes, your bad traits, and your responsibilities. Set aside your ego, so you can grow personally. That way you wont't keep making the same mistakes, you will be ensuring a better future, a constant progress and a happy ending.

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6. Closure is your choice.

It is not an apology, an answer, a winning, or justice. Closure is a mental state that you have to choose. Close that chapter by forgetting and by moving on.

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7. If you are happy alone, you will be happy together.

You can't wait to find someone that teaches you to love yourself, you have to learn that by yourself. Only after that, you will get to love someone else at its fullest and both of you are going to be happy.

Until you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you won't make healthy decisions about someone else.

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8. It is not your job to fix damaged people

Even if you think it is, even if it may make you feel better with yourself, you can't always solve everyone else's problems. Advice them, support them, but don't overwhelmed by their problems and most importantly do not feel guilty if they can't do it.

Your responsibility to help someone will never outweigh their responsibility to help themselves.

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Thanks for reading. Hope this makes you think about things and so makes you grow.

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