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1. One Path – Guinda

aesthetic, alternative, and black image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed red image model and red image

2. Natalia Lacunza – Olivia

makeup, aesthetic, and 90s image
airplane, travel, and jet image Temporarily removed sunset, orange, and nature image aesthetic, pink, and wallpaper image

3. Mabiland – Cuánto más

1995, aesthetic, and fashion image
Temporarily removed 90's, dress, and fashion image couple, love, and purple image fall out boy, purple, and waves image

4. Rels B – A mí

aesthetic and theme image
hip hop, mallorca, and rap image car, sunset, and vintage image 90s, aesthetic, and blue image Image removed

5. Lasso & Danna Paola – Subtítulos

Temporarily removed
green and aesthetic image aquatic, mermaid, and mirrors image couple image girls, green, and aesthetic image


album, green, and krnb image
aesthetic, pastel, and soft image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, art, and beauty image

7. Ceaese & DrefQuila – Dámelo

aesthetic, bedroom, and clothes image
flowers, bouquet, and pink image pink overalls and kristenhancher image pink, hair, and pink hair image Image by space cowgirl

8. Clubz & Ela Minus – Nagano

black and white and icon image
aesthetic, fashion, and alternative image black, black and white, and boys image aesthetic, girls, and grunge image Image removed

9. Rels B & Nathy Peluso – NO SE PERDONA

flowers and love image
balloons, grunge, and dark image alien, black, and galaxy image fashion, dress, and black image butterfly, nature, and black and white image

10. Vilma Palma e Vampiros – Todo lo que fue

accesories, chic, and flowers image
aesthetic, cherry, and yellow image aesthetic, details, and pink image aesthetic, clothes, and orange image Temporarily removed

11. Sebastian Romero – Catorce

aesthetic, blue, and light image
fashion, style, and blue image dog, aesthetic, and blue image aesthetic and blue image kpop, ariaz, and details image

12. Princesa Alba – Convéncete

fashion and glam image
backdrop, bright, and colours image Image by K Y L I E Image removed Image by Her Time, Her Soul

13. C. Tangana & Rosalía – Antes de morirme (negro con trisyeza)

blue, movie, and actor image
the weeknd, music, and black image art and blue image angel, art, and Art Nouveau image Tattoos, beauty beautiful pretty, and boy couples couple image
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