Hello! I had the idea to pen a series of posts introducing my favorite things - maybe some of them are your favorites too!

Today, I'll be looking at some of my personal favorite items to wear, as well as some trends and looks that speak to me. Let's get into it!

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Today's first fave is a hair look - space buns! I love how whimsical two little buns can look, and I think that they add a really interesting silhouette to an outfit. They're easy, flirty, and a little bit unconventional - perfect!
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This second pick is an absolute everyday must for me - chokers! Chokers are minimal and no-fuss; a simple black cord choker adds a little class to a casual outfit, and a more elaborate piece takes a formal look to the next level.
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It might be a little warm in some parts of the world to wear this item right now, but turtlenecks still get a place on this list! I love how easy it is to pair a turtleneck with jackets and coats, as well as how clean they look when tucked in.
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Oversized sweaters have already won their reputation as an amazing staple for many people - and for good reason! If you want to make a quickchange, run out without a bra, or just be cozy and warm, a big sweater should be your first choice.
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My next choice is a familiar fave straight from the 80s - high waisted jeans. Jeans are always versatile and at least reasonably comfortable, so why shouldn't they be cute? They're slimming, you can pair them with anything, and if you're lucky, they have pockets.
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Some kind of black statement boot - it's fun to take a creative spin on a practical classic. They can add subtle but eye-catching interest in a more complex outfit, or a pop of variety to a minimal look.
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Berets are criminally underrated. Depending on how you wear it, a beret can be quite serious-looking, or it can be jaunty and fun. While they are somewhat seasonal items, berets might just be cute enough to win a place in your closet.
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Dreamy, soft cotton dresses perfect for a comfortable afternoon of picnicking. Need I say more?
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I absolutely love the look of a plaid skirt with a white top. It's just such a perfect pairing - professional and traditional in some ways, but very unique and charming in another.
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A plaid jacket - possibly fuzzy and oversized - might not be an absolute need, but it is an absolute want, at least from me.

And those are all of the favorite things that I wanted to introduce you to today! I hope this inspired you, and that you are having a lovely day!