Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders, arthur shelby, and cillian murphy image old car, thomas shelby, and aes image aes, peaky blinders, and thomas shelby image glasses, dark academia, and aesthetic image aesthetic, horse, and peaky blinders image series, peaky blinders, and cillian murphy image


Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and buildings image skam, quotes, and noora image kiss, skam, and soft image aesthetic and skam image Image removed

Derry Girls

90's, clare, and erin image Image removed aesthetic, brown, and door image ireland, derry girls, and freedom image 2009, analog, and berlin image gif, derry girls, and erin quinn image

That 70s Show

donna, jackie, and that 70s show image 60's, fashion, and retro image eric's basement, that '70s show, and smoke pot image seventies, 70s, and aesthetic image 80s, 90s, and grunge image that 70s show, steven hyde, and hyde image

These are some of my favorite shows and i suggest watching them bcs theyre really good xx

DISCLAIMER: i dont own any of these photos so full credit goes to the owners.