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Which male celebrities would you trust to hold your drink at a party while you're gone?

brown, city, and niall horan image beauty, boys, and francis image brendon urie image actors, boys, and rami malek image actor, beauty and the beast, and dan stevens image eddie redmayne image
Niall Horan, Toby Regbo, Brendon Urie, Rami Malek, Dan Stevens, Eddie Redmayne

Which celebrities would you go to for life advice?

benedict cumberbatch image Image by Angelika beauty, classy, and julie andrews image emma watson, beauty, and harry potter image evangeline lilly image Image by ✨
Benedict Cumberbatch, Lily Collins, Julie Andrews, Emma Watson, Evangeline Lilly, Meredith Foster

Which celebrities would you trust as president?

Taylor Swift image broadway, hamilton, and lin manuel miranda image tom hanks and entertainment news image Dwayne Johnson, wwe, and the rock image actrice, famous, and meryl streep image Scarlett Johansson image
Taylor Swift, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson, Meryl Streep, Scarlett Johnasson

Which celebrities, according to you, would accept to pretend to be your bf (/significant other) in order to get a creepy guy to leave you alone?

mena massoud image handsome, sweet, and the queue must go on image adorable, happy, and sebastian stan image cole sprouse, actor, and riverdale image sam claflin and actor image tom hiddleston, orange, and photoshoot image
Mena Massoud, Timothee Chalamet, Sebastian Stan, Cole Sprouse, Sam Claflin, Tom Hiddleston

Which celebrities would you trust in any situations that could be embarrassing (like asking for a pad without being scared of them judging you or something)?

reign, adelaide kane, and adelaidekane image zoey deutch image emma stone image haley lu richardson image melanie martinez image actress, film, and movies image
Adelaide Kane, Zoey Deutch, Emma Stone, Haley Lu Richardson, Melanie Martinez, Saoirse Ronan

Which celebrities, according to you, would pay for you if you were out in public and short of money?

eating, pretty, and food image ash, ashe, and moral of the story image actress, dog, and icon image lucy boynton image boy, Hot, and reign image chris evans image
Lana del Rey, Ashe, Lily James, Lucy Boynton, Torrance Coombs, Chris Evans

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