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1. is your closet messy?

fashion, clothes, and style image fashion, closet, and bags image
never, i hate mess

2. which color do you have the most?

fashion, outfit, and black image beautiful, clothes, and fashion image

3. do you have skirts or dresses more in your closet?

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4. how often do you clean it out?

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every six months

5. which clothing item do you have the most?

fashion, outfit, and style image outfit and fashion image
crop tops

6. which color do you have the least?

fashion, outfit, and style image autumn, brown, and clothes image

7. is your closet big or small?

black and white, dresses, and grey image clothes, shoes, and bag image

8. when was the last time you cleaned it?

aesthetic, wardrobe, and roomdecor image bags, clean, and organization image
last week

9. what's your to-go clothing item?

black women, cultural, and denim shorts image Temporarily removed
shorts jeans

10. do you have many hangers in your closet?

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