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Owning a café/coffee shop has always been one of those little dreams i keep in the back of my head and say "yea it would be nice" but never really think that much about them. But after reading lots of articles with this theme, i thought it would be fun to give shape to this little dream. So, let's do it!

Inspired by:

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Cherry Clouds

weekdays: 7 am — 11 pm
saturdays: 8am — 10 pm

nyc, new york
paris, france
osaka, japan
seoul, south korea

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I'd like it to have a kinda minimalistic and classy look, with white and beige touches. Wide windows with the name of the café written on them. A pretty door with a cute stand up sign next to it where it would be written the "quote of the day". A couple tables and chairs for the people who prefer to enjoy the nice weather.

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A wide space with an open concept with lots of natural light and beautiful views. Wooden tables with comfortable chairs in neutral and pastel colors. Some works of local artists would be potrayed in the walls. The food would be display at the counter, where the baristas would have plenty of space and equipment to prepare drinks and serve the costumers.

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Drinks: different types of coffee (latte, cappuccino, espresso, etc) and teas (green, black, fruit, etc), hot chocolate, milkshakes, smoothies, boba tea and juices.
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Sweets: pastries, muffins, cookies, macaroons, cakes, brownies, tarts and more.
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Others: sandwiches, waffles and some specials for breakfast and lunch.


Ji-yeon (23), baker.

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"makes the best banana bread and carrot cake"

Andrea (19), barista.

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"holds the record of the fastest barista in the café"

Clove (20), barista.

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"makes the cutest latte art"

Will (21), barista.

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"kinda lazy but is really good with people and attracts lots of clients"

Jonah (22), baker.

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"can cook and bake anything, too talented"

Seiji (22), baker.

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"is very perfectionist when it comes to the food presentation"

Aand that´s it! This was super fun to make and gave me a little more inspiration for future articles and projects, so i hope this made you feel the same! Thank you for reading!

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Hope you liked it!