OC in songs 1

Ophelia – The Lumineers

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Of course, I had to include this. I think she'd just listen to this as a joke and 'cause it's a bop. Could also really see her pretending like it's actually about her.
“Oh,Ophelia, you've been on my mind, girl, since the flood. Oh, Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love.”

Let's dance to joy division – The Wombats

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“Celebrate the irony, Everything is going wrong, But we're so happy, Let's dance to joy division, And raise our glass to the ceiling, 'Cause this could all go so wrong, But we're so happy.”

Fountain of youth – Local Natives

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although Ophelia generally tends to break rules unintentionally because of her carelessness, I can see her advocating for intentional rule breaking as well (if it's for a good cause)
“I'll tell you a secret/ We can do whatever we want/ We can say whatever we mean”

You Don't Own Me – Lesley Gore

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could also really imagine her singing and dancing to the Radio Mix by Saygrace dramatically, sliding through the hallways and serenading her peers
„You don't own me. Don't try to change me in any way. Don't tell me what to do and don't tell me what to say.“

To build a home – The Cinematic Light Orchestra

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Ophelia finally found a home in Catachan and Hearthstone and she's terribly afraid to lose that.
„This is a place where I don't feel alone/ This is a place where I feel at home.“

Where'd All The Time Go? - Dr Dog

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she's always scared of either having to leave herself or people leaving her
„She's on the go, way too fast and way too slow/ when the tide rises somebody sinks and is gone in the blink of an eye.“

always, i'll care – Jeremy Zucker

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Lia finally opening up to someone, allowing herself to feel at home
„Leaving hardly hurts at all“; „Is it selfish, not to be selfless/ When all I can help is to open up .“

She - dodie

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Lia before she came to terms with her sexuality.
„Am I allowed to look at her like that? Could it be wrong when she's just so nice to look at?“

Girls – girl in red

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literally quote the whole song

Bad idea! - girl in red

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Lia when she remebers her meetings with Mel.
„It was a bad idea, meeting you so late.“

Dead Sea – The Lumineers

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reminiscing Mel and her (also how fucking cute is that song, I want someone to say that to me)
„Oh, I need somebody, I needed someone I could trust.”; „You told me I was like the dead sea. You'll never sink when you are with me.“

She used to be mine – Sara Bareilles

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sometimes the anxiety just rolls over her, she is messy but she's kind
„She's imperfect but she tries/ She is good but she lies/ She is hard on herself/ She is broken and won't ask for help/ She is messy but she's kind / She is lonely most of the time/ She is all of this mixed up/ And baked in a beautiful pie/ She is gone but she used to be mine.“

Fuzzybrain – Dayglow

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„Write it down absent of the pen/ The sun has been set for hours and she's rising again/ Scattered mind I call it a friend/ I wish I thought a bit less and spoke up instead/ In my head“

Dance Through It – Twin Peaks

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this one truly has Ophelia written all over it
“Got a problem everywhere she goes/ But she doesn't pay mind to it.”
“Got a problem that she's tryin' to hide/ When she can't do it, she dance through it.”
“She's got pretty bad news rainin' down in the two's/ But she hasn't missed a step all night.”
“When she can't do it, she dance through it.”

that's all folks, not my best work, but I hope you like it – Frances (@obsidiandust)

this is the first in a series of articles covering our OC's playlists (both what they might listen to and what feels like them/ captures an aspect of their character)

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