for the longest time i was finding ways to help people, however i am a teenage without any power over how things work. And so that's how my story began. I started a business! i am trying to work it out by doing facebook ads and posting regularly on social media. I know that success does not magically appear overnight and i know the risks that i am taking, and i also understand that if it does not work out it's gonna be alright and i won't take it on myself and i will accept my loss. i just wanted to try and experience running a business and when things are stable i can finally help people and give back to the people i love.

Today i am writing this blog to at least tell the world what i have done and share my business journey!

First of all i love pets and that is why i thought that i would make a business to sell pet products!

Image by J.N.
Image by J.N.
my home page

i launched the website and i am pretty impressed with it even though it looks like it was made by a newbie and a teenager which i am! i have edited countless of promotional videos and pictures that i did not know i can do until i did. i also read a lot of legal articles and talked to my mom about it since she had a couple of businesses when i was growing up.

and since i have spend some money on my business i hope everything will work out just fine. and i will also try to keep it for a couple of months.

visit my website at and also follow our instagram and facebook page at Furry Pets Unleashed

also if you want to know more about business follow me on instagram @janeeenoel and let's be friends and support each other! and most importantly learn from each other xoxo.