I'm mainly doing this one because I'm rewatching Hart of Dixie for like the 5th time and its all so here we are

Name: Pauline "Paulie" Diane Whitaker
Age: 28
Lives in: BlueBell, Alabama

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Paulie was born at the hospital in Mobile, Alabama, and grew up in BlueBell alongside George Tucker, Wade Kinsella, Lemon Breeland, and Anna Beth Nass. After high school, Paulie got a full ride to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and with a push from her parents she went leaving Bluebell for 4 years. Right after her graduation from college, Paulie was debating whether to stay in Chicago, move to New York or move back home when her father, Jacob Whitaker who was from one of the big families in Alabama, died of a stroke. Her mom, Jolene who was a flourist in town, was a complete mess and then Paulie made the decision to move back to BlueBell and help out her family. She eventually found an apartment in town and helped out her mom with the arrangements while also helping out at the shop. Time went on and eventually Paulie got a job as an English teacher at the high school in BlueBell. When she moved back home, she reconnected with her best friend George Tucker, and her old crush Wade Kinsella who she started having feelings for again after the years away in Chicago.
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Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes, freckles.
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Personality: Paulie is usually very kind, especially since she deals with kids as a teacher. She was raised to be a bit of a lady kinda like Lemon and Anna Beth, but was also a bit of a tomboy which usually comes out with her swearing or when she is frustrated of upset. She is also a bit shy when it comes to relationships so she will not make the first move.


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Friends: Paulie's best friend is George, like Lavon is for Zoe. Lemon and Paulie get along well enough, they grew up together and their dad's were pretty close. Anna Beth also grew up with Paulie, and are a bit closer then Paulie is to Lemon maybe because Paulie is a break from the Belle's. Lavon and Paulie get along well too, she voted for him when he ran for Mayor and has ran into his pet alligator Burt Reynolds before. Paulie was one of Zoe's first friends, they both sharing their love for city-life (Zoe with NY and Paulie with Chicago). They do end up getting rather close.
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Love: Paulie and Wade grew up together, and were pretty close, Wade was actually the one who gave her the nickname "Paulie". Paulie grew a crush on Wade in high school but never knew he liked her back because he dated so many girls in high school. When Paulie moved to Chicago, Wade was really upset even tho Paulie promised to write and call, but Wade never responded back to her. Even tho he was mad at her for leaving, Wade still checked in on her parents and offered to help her mom at the flower shop. Paulie returned to BlueBell after her dad died, and Wade finally pushed his feelings aside and helped Paulie and her mom with Jacob's passing. Once Paulie told Wade she was staying in BlueBell, they finally talked about how Wade felt about her leaving, and went back to being friends. When Zoe moved to BlueBell, Wade was attracted to her which Paulie noticed. But when Paulie tried to move on with some guy from Mobile, Wade started getting jealous, which ended up being a good thing because that guy from Mobile tried to force himself on Paulie and Wade ended up knocking him out. At the end of season 1, Wade doesn't come to Zoe, instead he finally goes to Paulie and they sleep together, and then start going out (sorry zade shippers, i loved them too but come on, wADE!!) Eventually they fall in love, and Paulie is the one pregnant in season 4 instead of Zoe. They have a little girl named Laura May Kinsella.
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Paulie's Instagram @ MissPaulie

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