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Lately, I think we all have heard about the kind of « decline » unfortunately known by WHI. The articles about the WHI Team really raised my awareness, cause I didn’t know anything about how they collapsed. I was just seeing all the commercial articles (WHI Friday Faves for example) and not any inspiring content anymore, without understanding. Thanks by the way to the author of « The Tea On How WHI Writers Team Fell Apart » (something like that, link below), there was a lot of research behind this article on the roots of the problem, and it all cleared my mind.

Still, there is an important thing I wanted to bring to that emulation, and I personally think we must remember : it’s that WE are the essence of WHI.

WHI hasn’t lost his essence, even tho a lot of things has changed (or hasn't changed actually) and we can be rightfully angry, but we’re still the driving forces of WHI. Can’t you see how much inspiring community or group chat has been created lately, despite the WHI Team’s collapse ? I personally feel like a proud mom haha.

~ Some of those beautiful initiatives

We Heart It Gazette
We Heart It Gazette
the bookaholics club
the bookaholics club
WHI Anonymous
WHI Anonymous
this one has a genious idea on how to add comments at the bottom of articles

It’s been a while I just wanted to share that. A remimber we’re still there creating what makes WHI unique and working. If we don't believe it, who does ? Personally, WHI is still my spark on the internet.

So today’s article is all about sharing those beautiful initiatives. Up there’s a list of some communities lately created, and here’s a list of 12 super-cool-original-and-all articles which I think deserve more recognition. Actually, it was the main idea of this article at first. I just wanted to share articles I liked and was thinking they were underrated, hoping to spread those beautiful words.

~ 12 articles which deserve more recognition

for those who speak spanish, really complete

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and discovered interesting new ones.

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