hey love,

so many questions i have answered and i don't get tired of it, i have nothing else to say so without further ado, enjoy :)

have you ever:

1. skipped class?
aesthetic, chalk board, and class image aesthetic, school, and classroom image
2. done drugs?
eye, eyes, and drugs image pulp fiction, 90s, and drugs image
3. self harmed?
book, poem, and poetry image blood, self harm, and kid cudi image
4. drank alcohol?
girl, tumblr, and vodka image Image removed
5. shop lifted?
cat, chanel, and luxury image aesthetics, cart, and jordans image
6. gotten a tattoo?
a lot, muchos, and beauty image Image by Elisa Perez
no but i want a bunch
7. broken up with someone?
aesthetic, boy, and city image boy, girl, and girlfriend image

what's your favorite:

8. show?
aesthetic, couple, and series image stranger things, eleven, and max image
stranger things
9. movie?
emma watson and the perks of being a wallflower image Image by ♡ ʚ✟⃛ɞ
one of my favorites is 'the perks of being a wallflower'
10. song?
tyler, tyler the creator, and joji image kusunoki, joji miller, and joji image
wanted u - joji
11. memory?
vintage, aesthetic, and amusement park image friends, sunset, and aesthetic image
going to amusment parks w my friends
12. book?
aesthetic, audrey hepburn, and gossip girl image beautiful, cigarette, and girls image
looking for alaska

this or that?

13. invisibility or be able to fly
invisible, quotes, and sad image cereal, disney, and invisible image
invisibility, i wanna fuck with people lol
14. cookies or cake?
Cookies, aesthetic, and chocolate image cafe, Cookies, and food image
15. twitter or facebook?
energy, quotes, and real image cyber, funny, and ghetto image
16. movies or books?
mean girls, movie, and amanda seyfried image little women, jo march, and Saoirse Ronan image
17. coke or sprite?
Image by Private User yellow, aesthetic, and coke image
18. blind or deaf?
couple, woman, and girl image трава, цветы, and дом image
blind, i could still listen to music
19. tea or coffee?
coffee and drink image aesthetic, drink, and coffee image

what's your:

20. age?
aesthetic, indie, and skater image aesthetic, alternative, and girl image
21. sign?
aesthetic, aquarius, and astrology image makeup, eyes, and glitter image
22. height?
aesthetic image black woman, minimalistic, and piercing image
23. sexual orientation?
aesthetic, boy, and guys image boy, manu rios, and earring image
24. religion?
architecture, mosque, and arabic arab image allah, islam, and travel image
25. longest relationship?
couples, friendship, and Relationship image couple, love, and goals image
7 months

do you:

26. believe in ghosts?
blue, aesthetic, and alternative image Image by The Magazine Ether
i believe in spirits
27. shower facing the shower head or back towards the shower head?
Image removed bathroom, house, and photo image
facing the shower head
28. sleep with the door open/closed?
blue, closed, and door image girl image
29. love someone?
love image selena gomez, dog, and selenator image
yes, my family/friends
30. still watch cartoons?
aesthetic, Gotham, and icons image squidward, cartoon, and coffee image
not anymore
31. have a boyfriend?
Image by 𝔑𝔞𝔱𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔞 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢 kiss, mood, and Relationship image
32. like yourself?
quotes, happiness, and love image inspo, photo, and verano image
no, working on it

i hope you guys enjoyed this article and try it out yourself, stay safe


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