୨୧ :: basically in this article i mention every groups listen to or stan by the alphabet

★☆ A ─ ATEEZ & astro

boys, icon, and kpop image astro, fantagio, and park jinwoo image ateez, hongjoong, and kim hongjoong image san, wooyoung, and yunho image

★☆ B ─ blackpink & BIGBANG

closeup, lisa, and kimjennie image kpop, lisa, and preview image random icons, ulzzang icons, and twice icons image g-dragon, bigbang, and gd image

★☆ C ─ cravity

cravity and ham wonjin image x1, cravity, and wonjin image mini, soft, and minhee image jungmo, serim, and hyeongjun image

★☆ D ─ DAY6

soft, icon, and icons image icon, icons, and soft image jisung, youngk, and han image icon, icons, and Jae image

★☆ E ─ EXO (ults)

blue, exo, and gay image details, exo, and icon image Image removed exo and sehun image

★☆ F ─ i sadly dont know any groups that start with f :(

★☆ G ─ i also dont know any groups that start with g and ill skip h since i dont know any either.

★☆ I ─ IZ*ONE

preview, izone, and wonyoung image izone, kpop, and chaewon image izone, minju, and kim minju image Image removed

★☆ J ─ i dont know any groups that start with j :(

★☆ K ─ KARD

kard, kpop, and archive image jiwoo, girl, and kpop image taehyung, jseph, and kard image aesthetic, asian, and asian boy image

★☆ L ─ LOONA

kpop, yves, and chuu image lq, hyewon, and olivia hye image loona, gowon, and kpop image yves, sooyoung, and lq image


kihyun and monsta x image puppy, wonho, and kihyun image kpop, lq, and hyungwon image monsta x, changkyun, and i.m image

★☆ N ─ NCT (127, U, DREAM,WAYV)

jaemin, haechan, and nct image nct and jaemin image Image removed jungwoo, nct, and nct 127 image

★☆ O ─ i dont know any groups that start with o :(


kpop, sungyeon, and bae sungyeon image pinky, ioi, and zhou jieqiong image ioi, yoojung, and nayoung image matching, ulzzang, and cute image

★☆ Q ─ i dont know any groups that start with q.


dogs, soft, and theme image icons, red velvet, and cybercore image yeri, red velvet, and kim yerim image kpop, red velvet, and wendy image

★☆ S ─ seventeen (ults), superm, SHINee, skz

preview, SHINee, and superm image Seventeen, vernon, and mingyu image Seventeen, wonwoo, and jeonghan image details, DK, and Seventeen image

★☆ T ─ the boyz & twice

changmin, Q, and the boyz image the boyz, kim younghoon, and tbz image twice, sana, and dahyun image jeongyeon, hirai momo, and kpop image

★☆ U & V ─ i dont stan nor listen to any groups that start with v or u :(


lee daehwi, daehwi, and woong image woodz, x1, and hotshot image lq, wanna one, and woojin image love revolution, jihoon, and wanna one image

★☆ X ─ X1

kpop theme, seungwoo theme, and han seungwoo image x1, wonjin, and cravity image cravity, song hyeongjun, and hyeongjun image x1, kang minhee, and minhee image

★☆ Y & Z ─ i dont know any groups that start with those letters :(

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