Hi loves! This article is going to be about some daily reminders that help me get through the day and hopefully will help you get through yours.
I hope you enjoy this article!

♥ You are human ♥

You are going to make mistakes and thats okay! Nobody in your life should be expecting perfection, especially yourself. Making mistakes helps us grow as individuals, so accept that you are you.
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♥ Everyday is a new day ♥

Each day you have the choice to do something different or to continue to do the same thing. Each day you have the choice to let a bad yesterday affect the present. Think of each day as a new day to start over and get better at being you.
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♥ You are not alone, you are always loved ♥

No matter what you face in life, know that you are always going to be loved. You are surrounded by people who want the best for you and will help you along the way.
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♥ Be kind ♥

You have the ability to make someone's day better. There's no such thing as too much kindness in the world. If anything we need more of it! Check up on your friends, go out and volunteer, pay for someones drink or meal, the possibilities are endless.
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♥ Have fun and make memories ♥

Don't take life so seriously all the time! There's a time to be serious and a time to have fun. Do something fun each day. Not only will you feel happier but you make more memories while doing it! Have a movie day with friends, go out and explore new places, bake a new recipe, go on a roadtrip. You are allowed to enjoy life so let yourself enjoy it.
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♥ You are not your thoughts ♥

There are going to be days where negative thoughts occupy your head but always remember that they are not true. Take control of your mind and tell yourself that you are more than your thoughts. They do not have to dictate how you feel or act if you choose to not let them.
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♥ Do things in life that make you happy ♥

There is no space in life for negativity, drama, and sadness. Take control of how you live and fill it with the things that make you smile and happy. The things you do that make you happy and alive are the things that will keep you going in life. Don't let the negativity and sadness take over, there is so much more to life and you don't want to miss out on what could've been your happiness.
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♥ You will be okay ♥

Everything will be okay. It may not seem like it but it will be. Life is filled with ups and downs, if it wasn't then we wouldn't be able to grow as people. It may take some time but everything will work out in the end the way it was suppose to. Do not dwell on the what ifs in life and enjoy the present moment. You made it this far, so keep holding on.
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♥ I am working on myself little by little ♥

Every day is a day where you can be a better you. Whatever you are facing life, you can get through it and you will get through it. Progress is progress whether little or big. Becoming you takes time and that's okay. Go at your own pace because you are doing this for you.
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♥ You are enough ♥

Know that you are worth it. Forget and ignore any person who tells you otherwise. You are a beautiful human being who deserves to be happy.
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Hope you enjoyed this article! :)
Stay positive,
spread happiness,
and inspire others.

Love, Raianna