This is only part one:')
the wlw is really kicking in


anime, icon, and kakegurui image kakegurui, anime, and icon image anime, icon, and lq image Image removed anime, badass, and blue image aesthetic, anime, and flower image

2.Angel beats!

angel beats, anime, and angel image Image removed
these three right here


anime, gif, and anime girl image anime, gif, and glasses image
can they be more prettier

4.Attack on titan

anime, shingeki no kyojin, and attack on titan image mikasa, anime, and attack on titan image aot, ymir, and historia reiss image anime, snk, and aot image

5.Demon slayer

demon slayer, kimetsu no yaiba, and nezuko kamado image Abusive image kimetsu no yaiba, anime, and icon image demon slayer, kimetsu no yaiba, and shinobu kocho image
these ladies

6.Hunter x Hunter

anime girl, canary, and zoldyck image anime girl, hunter x hunter, and 2011 image hunter x hunter, anime boy, and 2011 image anime, girls, and hunter x hunter image
+ponzu,banana,the chicken zodiac girl,the other butler,paku bcoz i cant find photos of them

7.Jojo's bizzare adventure

anime, icons, and jojo image aesthetic, anime, and edit image anime, icons, and jjba image anime, girl, and icons image edit, icons, and jojo image anime, hermes, and manga image
hot ladies amiright

8.Boku no hero academia

mha, my hero academia, and bnha image anime, toga, and bnha image icon, mirko, and my hero academia image midnight, boku no hero academia, and pro hero image

9.School-live !

anime, manga, and kurumi image gakkou gurashi and anime image
please i love every single girl there theyre so cuteee

10.Toilet bound hanako kun

anime, gif, and jibaku shounen hanako-kun image Image removed anime, manga, and jibaku shounen hanako-kun image
there arent many girls tbh but CAN WE APPRECIATE YAKO FOR A SEC PSDVOFSJVSFO

as i said the wlw is really showing

btw here is my last post check it out hehe

love u bye<33