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Emma is an aspiring actress who comes to Hollywood, Los Angeles, in search of fame. Despite having never taken one single acting class in her life, she is very confident in her own abilities and she is very ambitious. She is a big fan of actor Nicholas Bird and director David Tarino.

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He struggles with expressing his feeling towards other people.

David is not a very easy person to get along with, as he has a bad temper. He broke up with all his girlfriends because of jealousy. He likes Mocha, black and white movies, cinnamon buns, pointy shoe, head massages.

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He is an Italian fashion designer and appears to be quite famous in Hollywood. He drives a Mercedes Benz. He is a longtime friend with Margaret, an actress, and is also friendly with Karen, an acting coach, and manager.


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Alex works in Hollywood as a dog trainer and stuntman. She drives a Ford.

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Jeff works in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as a Police Captain. He is currently investigating drug dealing in Hollywood and determined to solve the case by all mean. Jeff is always grumpy and cynical. He can also be egocentric and manipulative when he wants to be especially related to his job. Regardless of his ulterior motive, he genuinely shows the caring and attentive sides.