I actually have to admit I love the ritual of being laced into my corset when we go out for a special occasion to wear it underneath a nice dress to give me a real wasp waist. It feels like being hugged the whole night and my waist looks so tiny, the proper corset is steelboned and creates an hourglass figure with an absolutely tiny waist, perfectly flat stomach, and perfect posture. It is only a bit restrictive but I consider the corset as wonderful.

1. Getting snatched

First I close the clips at the front and stand with my back to my husband to let him work on the laces and so he firmly begins to pull on them diligently from bottom to center and then top to center. Feeling the material of the corset close and tighten around my torso is simply ineffable with the strings hissing in my back as they crisscross through the grommets at each yank - the tighter the better.

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Always listen to your body and take your time to only lace-up gradually at a steady pace - it might take months. Make sure you can breathe properly and not damaging neither your corset nor your body.

He shortly ties the laces around my waist then begins retightening them again, he keeps heaving away at the strings, until the almost two-inch gap is slowly closed. I feel a wonderful sensation as the tension at my waist rises and my torso comes under compression. He then finishes retightening my laces and leaves my body squished into the most beautiful hourglass-shaped mold (and slightly gasping for breath).

1. Getting snatched

Then, seeing the final product in the mirror ... I breathe in and then out, slowly, taking delight in the almost shallow, quick breaths it makes me take, although I am very well used to it by now, and it feels more like a second skin to me, that makes me feel safe and alleviates my anxiety, too. So yes, I can breathe, but initially, you need to learn how to move, walk, sit down on a chair, get up, breathe and dance, when laced in your corset. You can't move like uncorseted before, hardly bend down, because your corset holds your figure upright and you cannot slouch in a chair. Which I do a lot, so it is great for my posture.

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