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A couple days ago I made the Female version so I decided to do the male version today. This list is not in any order; I apologize if I made mistakes writing the names! Also, credits at the end of the article.


alternative, fashion, and icon image got7, mark, and kpop image
GOT7 : Mark Tuan (Tuan Yi Eun / Dong Yi Eun)
oppa, super junior, and visual image Leeteuk, super junior, and park jung-soo image
Super Junior : Yesung (Kim Jong Woon) & LeeTeuk (Park Jeong Su)
kpop, Seventeen, and woozi image Seventeen, jihoon, and woozi image
Seventeen : Woozi (Lee Ji Hoon)
bts, jin, and seokjin image edit, sexy, and kim seokjin image
BTS : Kim Seok Jin
jay park image Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
Jay Park (Park Jae Beom)
boys, felix, and kpop image skz and stray kids image
Stray Kids: Lee Felix
key, SHINee, and kibum image key, prince, and kim ki-bum image
Shinee : Key (Kim Ki Bum)
day6 and Jae image day6, Jae, and jaehyung image
Day 6 : Park Jae Hyung
exo, kpop, and suho image boys, exo, and kpop image
EXO : Suho (Kim Jun Myeon)
SHINee and kpop image SHINee, Taemin, and lee tae-min image
Lee Tae Min
nct, nakamoto yuta, and yuta image ten, wayv, and nct image
NCT : Nakamoto Yuta & Ten
dean, kpop, and singer image kpop and dean image
DEAN (Kwon Hyuk)
eric, kpop, and juyeon image airport, korean, and visual image
The Boyz : Lee Ju Yeon
ateez, seonghwa, and park seonghwa image mingi and ateez image
ATEEZ : Park Seong Hwa & Song Min Gi
Image by Samantha Reyes astro and sanha image
ASTRO : Yoon San Ha
eric nam image eric nam image
Eric Nam (Nam Yoon Do)
the rose, hajoon, and ha joon image lee hajoon and the rose image
The Rose : Lee Ha Joon
ren, nu'est, and nuest image Image by Bilge
NU’EST : Choi Min Ki
rowoon, sf9, and boy image rowoon, kim seokwoo, and sf9 image
SF9 : Rowoon (Kim Seok Woo)

- Cover Image : @jaqueline1993
- Boys Images : @SHlXUNS , @sevensomething , @Hope_World_1623 , @Nix___ , @gracenicole_17 , @heroinejimin , @moreYoongi , @nothinggood_221 , @theboysofATEEZownme , @lucassvoice , @THEJIN_12 , @thanian , @sakura030902 , @Hope_World_1623 , @Camellia_Jun , @hyuxck , @nxrryshxgs , @jackieverduzco , @tbhtaehyung , @kaillerina , @kaillerina , @Camellia_Jun , @moonie_mon , @lovelycatblue2006 , @dacapo , @Jaeday_ , @MaSaRoMe , @drinkwaternotalcohol , @blackdrwes , @lilicy1991 , @naynayru , @bokuos , @defcnva , @jaehyunungamzeleri , @kaillerina , @ddaeyuna