## overall style

Image removed aesthetic, fashion, and grunge image alternative, grunge, and fashion image edgy, fashion, and outfit image grunge, alternative, and black image chain, fashion, and black image grunge, aesthetic, and goth image tattoo, black, and red image goth boys, goth aesthetic, and estilo image grunge, black, and fashion image
i would describe my overall style as alternative (bc i fit into a few different alt subcultures and idk which one fits my style best). i typically wear loose clothing. i also like layers and edgy artwork and symbols (pentagrams, crosses, etc.)

## color palette

black and shadow image california, red, and makeup image slytherin, green, and harry potter image eyeshadow, silver, and gray image
mostly black with hints of red and the occasional dark olive green, gray, or earthy tones.

## fav patterns

aesthetic, alternative, and necklace image fashion, crop top, and plaid pants image girl image 90s, aesthetics, and chain image
stripes and plaid

## tops

Image removed aesthetic, denim, and fashion image fashion image aesthetic, golf, and goth image
tshirts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies

## bottoms

cargo pants image alternative, baggy, and boots image fashion, style, and girl image fashion, outfit, and alternative image
cargo pants and loose jeans

## accessories

belt, black jeans, and street style image Temporarily removed boy, details, and bts image black and dark image
fishnet, chokers, chains, earrings, harnesses, belts, glasses

## shoes

converse, grunge, and black image grunge image aesthetic, alternative, and archive image shoes, vans, and grunge image
converse, doc martens, platforms, combat boots, vans, demonias, chunky sneakers, etc.

## bags

accessory, aesthetic, and black image archive, depressed, and aesthetic image
i dont really own any bags but i have backpacks :/