back together again. It feels different ,I honestly don't know what to's like a mixture of uncertainty, elated yet sad?It's just all over the place but i'm glad that we are back together and this time i'm not going to give up ton his relationship provided he feels opposite lol.
it's hard to be in a relationship when there's two avoidant people and we have to constantly remind each other to think before we speak especially when things goes sideways because yes we are going to hurt each other badly and one of us is not going to tolerate it for sure, its something we have to find the problem and fix it together

Give me the reassurance, i need your actions to prove whatever you said to me through text because it's very frustrating that your words actions contradicts whatever you told me through text. You kept saying that there are times where you didn't understand me or be there for me or you didn't put your ego aside and you are trying to be the best for me... but the truth is you didn't bother or at least try to understand the situation. Whenever I pour out my feelings, it turns into lecture session from you and I regretted pouring my hearts out to you because I felt bad. I told myself back then to never ever go back to you but I did because i'm always trying but at the same time my energy drained from it. I sound as if i'm clinging on to something hopeless ugh.