So, I saw this article from one of my fellow members for The Dark Academia Club (@daclub) and I got intrigued by my own self, which consequently led me to write this... Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed watching me in retrospective to find where I fitted in.

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A tiny bit of 'Dark'

(More like a ton actually)

My mom says that I always have a resting bitch face... Well, she ain't wrong.
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  • Eternally curious about things that I don't know.
  • Would end up with so many tabs opened in the explorer that you could not even see the web symbols anymore whenever I research something.
  • Loves to curse in different languages so people cannot understand me.
  • Neutrals and basics for the win!
  • Classic make-up with a bold red lip.
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  • People would often ask if I am okay when I have my normal face on.
  • I can be as sweet as I can be intimidating depending on my mood.
  • Books... Books everywhere.
  • A mystery to my own self at times.
  • Thin gel pens are a must.
  • Loves debates and will absolutely engage in one anywhere, anytime.
  • Always writing.
  • Has at least two journals next to bed.

Some of 'Classic'

Well... It depends on how you look at it though...
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  • Enjoys reading about the different philosophical currents.
  • Knows more of Greek and Roman mythology than I let people know.
  • A playlist heavy with classicals (though lately with games and movies ost too)
  • Loves history but especially the Reinassance and Ancient periods.
  • Will go to history and art museums at least once a month.
  • First thing I do whenever I visit a new place would be to take a tour of the historical landmarks, always, without second thoughts.
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  • Bonds with professors thanks to witty arguments and deep interest of their subjects. (Most of the time at least)
  • Always takes in the smallest details in Architecture or sculptures.
  • Would close my eyes and relax as I take in all the melodies coming out from strings in music.
  • Silk shirts.
  • Black tights are a must.
  • B R A I D S

Quite a lot of 'Science' if I must say

Yeah, that's great, but what about that negative and that x up there? Did you eat them up or what?
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  • Loves to question the existence of everything.
  • All the notebooks will have random calculations of things I can't even remember anymore.
  • Math books are actually full with scribbles or formulas in the tiniest font possible.
  • Always has a calculator in hand.
  • Loves solving math problems, especially the ones of "real-life scenarios".
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  • Enjoys reading articles on scientific discoveries that shaped our current existence.
  • Loves to learn about the origins of medicine with her Medicine student best friend.
  • Willingly helping her Electrical Engineering student boyfriend with his assignments, with the excuse of wanting him to have more free time, but in reality is just eager to learn and understand his studies.
  • Part of the Robotics club back when I was at school.
  • Loves algebra.
  • Will use graphics to explain almost everything.

Mostly a 'Chaotic' mess anyways

I think that I am forgetting something... But I can't remember what.
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  • Always has a new bruise but has no clue of how.
  • Can either sleep for 12hrs+ or not sleep at all.
  • Always running to classes.
  • Arriving literally just on time to almost everything.
  • Either a procrastinator or an overworker, no in-between.
  • An anxious mess.
  • The room is a mess yet I know where to find everything.
  • Constantly forgets stuff.
  • Stained hands with ink for the win!
  • Always dropping the cellphone.
  • Misplacing the reading glasses quite often.
  • Playlists roughly changing from sweet tunes to harsh and upbeat ones.
  • Devices are almost always without battery.
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  • There's no way I can cook and avoid the kitchen from being dirtied.
  • Always wakes up from "30-minute" naps that actually last 4 hours with bed and pillow marks.
  • Usually forgets things that I know are important to bring with me.
  • Loves to tease friends but hates it when they tease back.
  • Messy hair is a must.
  • Submits assignments and immediately worries if the submitted file was the correct one.
  • Would dye and cut my own hair without regrets.
  • An endless collection of tea that I often forget it exists.
  • Forcing myself to speak to strangers whenever a new semester starts and then hesitating to approach them afterwards.


Yes, I know that this is pretty long but I could not resist myself, sorry!

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