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En continuación con mi maratón de discografias de grupos kpop, aquí mis canciones favoritas de MAMAMOO. Agregue además los proyectos solistas.

edit, hwasa, and femaleidolsedit image aesthetic, kpop, and solar image

Weird day (Moonbyul x PUNCH)
Absence (Moonbyul solo)

kpop, wheein, and 휘인 image wheein, hwasa, and solar image

LMM (Hwasa solo)
EASY (WheeIn x Sik-K)

hip, kpop, and moomoo image edit, icons, and joy image

Spring fever
Kidding (Hwasa x prod. ZICO)

wheein, hwasa, and solar image Image by Mari

I'm bad too (Hwasa x DRP LIVE)

Image removed wheein, hwasa, and solar image

Starry night
Moderato (WheeIn x hash swan)
My star

moonsun, mamamoo, and wheein image mamamoo and hwasa image

Don't (Hwasa x Loco)
Wind flower
Rude boy

beige, earring, and fashion image solar and mamamoo image

Nobody else (Hwasa solo)
Yes I am

mamamoo, wheein, and kpop image kpop, girl groups, and wheein image

Better than I thought
When you come to my heart (Hwasa cover)

background, green, and solar image beige, blue, and fashion image

Where R U
High Tension
Um Oh Ah Yeh

solar and mamamoo image fake, wheein, and psd image

Happy people (Solar solo)
Maria (Hwasa solo)
No more drama

mamamoo, hwasa, and kpop image girls, glitter, and kpop image

You are the best
Star wind flower Sun
Lived like a fool (Solar solo)

solar, mamamoo, and hwasa image wheein, mamamoo, and kim whee-in image

SELFISH (Moonbyul x Seulgi - Red velvet)
In the fall (Hwasa solo)

hswa image fake, wheein, and psd image

Sleep talk
涙そうそう (Nada Sou Sou)

mamamoo, moonbyul, and kpop image kpop, k-pop, and solar image

Mr. Ambiguous
Word don’t come easy

solar, mamamoo, and kpop image moon byul, hwasa, and solar image

Piano man
AGE GAG (x Kim Dae Hee)

kpop, moomoo, and idol image wheein, mamamoo, and jung wheein image

Girl Crush
TWIT (Hwasa solo)
Hello mama

kpop, maria, and moomoo image Image by clair obscur

Be calm (Hwasa solo)
Paint me

Image by clair obscur Image by clair obscur
gracias por pasar! aquí otros de mis fav♥
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Portada (Whee In♥)