Every world has a history of an origin that makes it what it is because from there we create experiences, feelings, acquaintances without wanting to avoid these events, we are able to know the history of our place well; Our ancestors who inhabited before us and continue the story with our own title. In every place we start to make acquaintances with the playground after we start at the school where we surround ourselves with more people from there and create new experiences with new people but you know your place well again I ask? Where's your favorite coffee spot? What's your favorite square where you walk and feel creative? What's your favorite park? What's your favorite bench and super market? What's the part where you met your best friend? Where did you give the first kiss? :D the place your origin makes you do not forget, I wish you more to have self-awareness to think more and to have faithful and respect to ourselves and to act as we feel without fear with daring.