Hello lovers! Its been a while since I have written my last article.
I hope that you're all doing good!
Today I'm gonna talk about things you can do when you're bored out of your mind.
For the longest time I didn't know what to do when boredom kicks in. Should I clean? Study? Listen to some music and chill?
A few years ago I started doing some things that bring me joy and make my boredom go away.
So let's list them down, shall we?

1.Clean out your closet

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2. Go thrift shopping

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3. Start watching a new TV show or movie

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4. Educate yourself on issues you're passionate about

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5. Start working out

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There are a lot of great free workout apps, it's hard starting to work out at first, but soon you'll feel incredible and proud of yourself for getting in shape and keeping yourself healthy

6. Volunteer

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Volunteer at local soup kitchens, animal shelters, parks, do good, it will make you feel good

7. Start a new hobby

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Increase your creativity, start painting, reading, writing

8. Make a mood board

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Many would say that mood boards are overrated and a thing of the past, for me they are very relaxing and bring me extreme joy.

9. Redecorate your room

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10. DIY your look

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Learn how to do your own hair, nails, lashes, makeup

Pro tip, when I'm extremely bored I try doing things I'm not very good at, or never had interest in, such as cooking, making DIY furniture and so on

As always thank you so so much for reading my article, I really hope that it was helpful, all the love xoxo