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We all have a little routine we follow throughout our week to make ourselves look and feel better. It’s not a “pamper” routine, it’s not necessarily a morning or nighttime routine, it’s more than a skincare routine… it is its own distinct routine, which combines a bit of everything. I am pretty sure you all know what I am on about. I am also not quite sure that the term “glow-up” is the best fit, but I am just going to go with it.
Step one is a shower. Duh right?! I like to give my hair a really good wash and -super important step- shave my legs! I swear, that makes me feel like a whole new woman. P.s. I am pretty hairy by nature so when I keep putting off shaving my hair grows. Shaving is a super important step in my routine. For some weird reason, hair-free legs make me feel 10 times better.

Step two, the most dreaded step of my whole routine, wax. I don’t do this every week (thank God), but without doubt, every two weeks I have to wax my upper lip and my unibrow. If you are a hairy girl, I am sure you feel me. It simply has to be done. I cannot handle looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a mustache on my face!!

Step three, skincare. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary. I just do my everyday morning/nighttime skincare routine.

Step four, deal with the hair. Dealing with long, wet hair after a shower is a whole task. I keep my hair in a towel for maybe 30min after I get out of the shower, which helps it dry a little bit. After I take it out, I usually apply some oil on my ends then I brush out my hair with my fingers (and if I need to I brush out my ends a little bit with a brush). Lastly, I usually put my hair in a braid because it means that when I wake up my hair will look OK for the most part. Sometimes I just go to sleep with it wet but it’s not the best.

Step five, fix the nails. I am not allowed to wear nail-polish at my job, which I am not mad about because nail-polish chips SO easily and it is so hard to keep up with it. Anyway, I still wanted to find a way to make my nails look nice and neat and I discovered clear nail polish (you can use a top coat or a clear nail vitamin polish) and a nail-file. As lame as it sounds, these two things make the biggest difference. I file my nails to a shape and length I like and then I apply a layer of clear polish.

And this sums up my “glow up” routine. All these little things make me feel so much more put together (and like I know what I am doing with my life and have everything under control when in reality I totally don’t). Sometimes some of these tasks feel like chores but for the most part, I really enjoy them. They are all very simple things but they ake the biggest difference to me. If you can go get a wax, get your nails down or get a blowout, for sure go for it. But if you can’t because of finances (or COVID) or any other reason, find ways to do some of those things yourself. 😉


full post: https://natasafylaktou.com/2020/07/15/my-basic-glow-up-routine/