Today I will share same tips with you how to improve your mental health / life. I always have been strugling with mental health issues.
My worst was when I was attending high school, now i gratuated and I am happier.
But I can't honestly say that I am fully okay because I am not. And it's okay, if you feel the same.

So how I said I gratutaded that means I have more time to focus on myself and my mental health. Everyday I am discovering new tips, new things to be better.

Wake up one hour earlier then usual

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ugh i know. this one is hard but you can do it! you will have more time to do things done, you'll feel more productive

Make your bed first

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Drink water when you wake up - hydrate yourself

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if you don't like taste of water, you can add up lemon or lime. Water is good for your body if you are trying to lose weight as me, or for your skin. My skin never been so shiny I swear!

Take your vitamins

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B12, iron, vitamin C, magnesium, ginkgo

Do your skin care, figure out what is good for you

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First thing I do is wash my face, then I clear my skin with Garnier Bio grass cleanser, then I tone my face with Mario Badescu spray, Serum from Gly Skin Care (it's amazing), moisturizer, eye cream from Cerave. I also love face mask.

Make yourself healthy breakfast

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You can eat whatever you want. What I love is fruit, or bannana bread, oat meal, granola something that fills me up. I also can't think about breakfast without cup of coffee. It's essential for me, but nowdays I don't use sugar and i add up almond milk. It's delicious.

Declutter your workspace, your bedroom, closet, PC, phone

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I believe I am not the only one who hates when their room is messy. I can't properly think, work when I don't have clean desk, etc. What helps me is set my alarm for 10 minutes and I do my cleaning for 10 minutes. Usually I do more than that and I am happy.


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Write daily gratitude, affirmations, your goals, motivational quotes. Write what you did, add some photos, pictures what you like, write how you feel, what tv shows are you watching, anything you like

Read, read, read

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I just bought two new books. It is You are Badass and 13 things that mentally strong people don't do. Then I want to buy 4 agreements and The power of now. I will tell you how I liked these books. But you don't need to read only self development books you can read romance, fantasy, scifi, crimi.. anything that interest you. If you read you know more, your vocabulary is improving. It is better then scrolling your social media all the time.

Limit social media and phone

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Sometimes I find myself comparing to people on instagram and that is unhealthy. I'm not saying you should delete your accounts, but maybe spend less time on your phone will benefit you.

Follow body positivity accounts, listen to podcasts

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Unfollow people you don't like, people who don't inspire you

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It's okay to do it. I did that with my class and I am much happier. I don't know why but it will bring positivity in your life.


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you don't need to go to gym, you can swim, walk, dance, do yoga. Do what you love and makes you happy. Don't do it because you want to lose weight, do it because you want to be healthy and move your body.

Paint, write, find hobby you will love

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_I just started to paint and I must say it's calming and I love it. I also love writing stories, articles. You can practice your photography skills, paint your nails, do your makeup,

Watch your finances, write down things you bought

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You probably think why? It may seems tiring for you but it will make such a difference in your life. Do you know how much money do you spend? Do you know why? Where is all your money? I didn't know but right now I write everything that I bought with prices and I know what things I should limit.

Watch youtubers that will inspire you and educate you

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My tips - Lavendaire, AMY LEE, Hannah Renée, Rohini Elyse, Madison Sarah, meicrosoft, Conagh Kathleen - beautiful souls

Spend time with people that loves you, makes you better

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Tell me your three friends and I will tell you who you are. People who you surrender yourself with really incluence you and makes you who you are. Be careful who you call your friend. If you have nice friends what uplifts you be with them and make memories.

Treat yourself and be kind to yourself

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if you crave glass of wine just drink it. if you loved that dress you saw and you have money for it just bought it. don't care about other's opinion, make yourself happy.

Spend time outdoors

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Start to say no and set boundaries

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Your friends want you to come to party and you are not feeling it. Just say no. Don't pressure yourself, don't say yes just because they want to hear it. Set boundaries and don't anyone break them. It's not your job to make people happy and it's not your problem how people will react to what you said. Value your feelings and don't let people treat you badly you don't deserve that.

Let go of toxic people, things that make you unhappy

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time will heal everything. do it. you will thank yourself later.

Wear comfortable clothes

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Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite TV show

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_ i am watching tempted on netflix and my favorite song right now is U R by monsta x_

Seek help in theraphy

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Let me tell you one thing. There is nothing wrong with that. I think we should normalize going to therapy, seeking help when we need it.


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This is something I need to work on. Just breath and focus on it. Let your problems be.

Educate yourself

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Set yourself monthly bucket

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literally whatever you decide it can be 20 euro or 5 just stick to it

Focus on good things that are coming

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for me personally i am so exicted that i will go to concert in 2021 and i will see the weeknd. absolutely grateful for that. i am exicted to get my driving license, for my tattoos that are coming. i cant be just going to café, or restaurant.

Set goals and stick to it

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hard for me. i don't know what i want to do with my life. i don't what job i want to do or go to university. i really don't know and i need to figure it out. if you feel lost like me don't worry you are not alone.

Learn new skill, language

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_ i am learning korean and trying to bake. it's hard but i think i am improving kinda? feeling that improvment makes me happy and more productive."

Do literally nothing and chill

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nothing is better when you put your legs up and do nothing. don't feel guilty you don't need to be productive all the time. you deserve pause and relax.

Try to learn how to handle criticism

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you need to know what is destructive and constructive criticism.

Move on from things that hurt you

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this needs time. don't pressure yourself. you need to realize you will not recieve closure in every situation but you can create it for yourself. Most of what other people do is about them, not you. Some people just won't apoligize because they can't. You can't change peple, no matter how you want it and think it's better for them. They need to do it for themselves.
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Realize you are not alone

Don't compare yourself to others

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there is room for you. nobody can do it with your voice, experience, insight.

That's it for today. I hope you liked this article and it helped you. If you want someone to talk to you can dm me:)