During this quarantine time, I have been listening to a lot of music. But, there has been one artist, in particular, that I have fallen in love with and that is Harry Styles. You can also find me having a dance party to Harry's music on a daily basis :)

Your Favorite Song

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I couldn't pick a favorite, so here are my top three. To Be So Lonely, Treat People With Kindness, and Kiwi.

The first Harry song you listened to

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Sign of The Times

A song you wish he’d written for you

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A song that makes you feel badass

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A song that makes you want to dance

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Watermelon Sugar

Your Favorite Music Video

Harry Styles, one direction, and adore you image Harry Styles and one direction image
Adore You

A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

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Two Ghosts

A song you wish was a single

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Your favorite cover

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A song that makes you feel nostalgic

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Sunflower Vol.6

A song with your favorite lyric

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To Be So Lonely

A song that sets your soul on fire

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The song you’d choose for your first dance

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Sweet Creature

A song that gives you strength

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A song you sing in the shower

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Treat People With Kindness
Insipired by

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