Since I was very young I’ve always had one idea in my head: love finds you.

I used to think that someday and somewhere I will meet the love of my life.

No matter what I’m going through right now, there will be a day in which someone will love every single part of me.

The things I’m insecure about will stop being something I’m ashamed of because someone will love every single one of them.

At some point I thought “It’s fine if everyone has a lover but me, I will meet the right one someday”.

But after many failed relationships, after so many breakups and getting my heart broken so many times by so many different people from different places, this way of seeing life stopped.

I started to think “Maybe love is not actually for everyone, maybe not everyone find the love of their lives and some people are just not meant to be loved by others in a romantic way”.

It may sound scary to some or depressing, but for me it wasn’t. This actually opened my eyes and I stopped waiting for my “prince” or “lover” and started being my own lover.

Because it’s true that not everyone will find a soulmate and sometimes you just need to accept it and live with it. But it’s not as bad as it may sound.

In this time I learned how to be with the person that’s the most important in my life and make our relationship work, and that’s ME.

The moment I realized that I’m stuck with this annoying woman that won’t stop talking about Harry Styles I also learned how to deal with her and love every single part of her.

Now that I think of it, I did meet the person who will love every single part of me and make me see all the beautiful things that I’m made of and again that person is me.

Once you realize that the love you need the most doesn’t come from others but from you, you start seeing life with different colors.