Hi loves! If you’re reading this and wondering what does this girl mean by “it’s my last year of being a teenager help” well I’ll tell you. This article is a part of my “let’s talk about it” series where I spill the tea, vent, and offer you guys a new perspective and today I’m going to be ranting about forgotten birthdays, being on my last year of being a teenager (I feel like a grandma just typing that lol), and why 19 is just a weird age.

So everyone knows the milestone birthdays: 16, 18, and 21. Those are the big birthdays where you either have a big celebration, reach some sort of legal age, or just party a lot. But what about the inbetween birthdays? I’m literally only making this article because I’m 19 and on my last year of teenagedom (I think that’s a word) and have no idea why the idea of not being a teenager is so terrifying to me. Also, the strange reason that people don’t really care when you turn 17, 19, or 20 but all of a sudden when you turn 18 or 21 it’s a big thing and it seems like everyone knows about it because a) you’re legal and b) you can drink.

This whole phenomenon is just incredibly fascinating to me and I talk about it on today’s episode of my podcast because it’s my 19th birthday but I just thought I would share my thoughts with you guys! :)

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Until next time I love you and please stay safe and healthy :) x