My frieeeends! So, today while I was trying to look like a decent person, I was thinking about my one year in high school ( here is since we are 13, I'm 14 for the ones that don't know) and how many people give so unrealistic tips... so here a are my tips and a resume of my experience in first year.

It's basically me explaining a way of the many ways of going through the torture that is high school.

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In my school, we change classmates every year, something i dislike as much as i dislike my school. This year, I hoped my class had someone with i could talk, not my best friend, just someone.

But because my school director and teachers are clowns, i was alone living my worst life :D

Anyways, i found my friend (who is mad at me at the moment so it hurts to talk about him but anywaysss) and it went okay i think.

Guys, understand that your life is not going to be like a cliche novel, you probably not going to have all the boys/girls attention, A+ in EVERY grade, parties or places to go everyday, fathers that don't care. NO. You are going to suffer, that's the charm of high school.

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Consider this
1. Friends

oKAY HEAR ME OUT. I have a group of... let's say 15 people, i hang out with these people 5 days of the week in school and honestly, i only like 5 of them.

It's not healthy I know, and please, don't be like me.

You will always have to deal with people you dislike okay? You can't change it, but if you can avoid being with people like that, AVOID ITL. DON'T BE ME IDIOTS, PLEASE.

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Okay, hear me out, i'm an obsessed person that tries hard with grades, I NEED THE BEST GRADES or i'm dying. And that's not healthy either xd.

I don't know how teachers grade you, here, is with 1-10 and look, if you have a 5, chill, it's not bad at all. I'm not saying, CONGRATS YOU MADE IT, no, you should at least try to change it to a 6 in the next grade, but don't stress about it that much.

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Don't stay at home when you can go out

okay... me... hi. SO, last year, when my friends told me like "Let's go out" I didn't liked it. I stayed at home watching Netflix, and that is okay but not always.

Look, when in a future they start talking about it, you will fell bad. You could be talking about it, anecdotes, a happy memory that you will remember. I SWEAR that in ten years, you will not remember that netflix evening.

Conclusion again? Next year i'm gonna go out xd

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Procrastination, my favorite thing to do. So, look, again, when you have to do 10 homeworks at 2am, is NOT COOL. I swear. Is not like in the tv shows where the main character call their boyfriend/girlfriend/good friend and talk about homework.


When you have time for homework do homework. (me saying this even tho i have Korean exam this weekend and i don't remember a thing. )

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I'm sorry to tell this but in general, teachers are not like in dark academia. I'M SORRY. The probability of having a teacher friend is 1% and if you have it, you also have a lot of chances of having bad grades.

I tell you, being friends with a teacher doesn't mean they are going to rase your grade. Why do i know? My math teacher is a 80 year old women, we talk about shows and books, i have her phone in my cellphone, AND EVEN THO I HAVE 2 IN MATH.

I'm sorry, it's true.

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Trends exist okay? You are probably going to see a huge group of people that dresses the same, i swear. And if you wan't to wear that, ALRIGH is your choice, if you wanna look like someone that has not slept or showered in some months, it's not that okay...

You don't have to look like the youtubers, okay? No one will. But in a future, when you see photos (also, take all the photos and videos you can, but don't be always on your phone) you will want to see yourself as a decent person.

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Parents... i'm not gonna say do everything your parents say, they are always right or something like Is YoUr FaMiLy yOu NeEd To LoVe ThEm.

YOU DONT. Parents make mistakes, some parents are nasty and terrible people, you don't have to love them. But if you have good parents, that really care for you, most things they say might be right.

Don't take drugs? DON'T TAKE DRUGS.

Don't take THAT much of alcohol? CRAP DON'T TAKE THAT MUCH.

Sometimes they are right, sometimes they don't.

Time for yourself

Don't think having anxiety or low self esteem is normal, it's not... Guys, if you have this, please please talk with someone, you are important.

Time for yourself in high school is really important. Even tho going out and living your best life is good, you are more important that it. Take care of yourself, if you need profesional help, go for it! They help (i tell you this because my psychologist is great)

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I'm sorry my friends but this is necessary. Clubs help you get friends, or just have something to do, not just watch Netflix that even tho IT'S REALLY cool and we love it, this helps you go out.

This is a short advice: be part of some school clubs, i swear they are cool.

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Conclusion of the whole article? Don't be me.

Anyways, if you need to take out something of your chest, remember here in WHI we have a team in which anonymously you can confess or ask for advice! You are always important, don't let high school take away that feeling!

google form for the confessions:

WHI anonymous account - @whianonymous

And that was all, sorry for the article spam....(? i'm just bored.