This is a list of places I've been to and I really liked. Sadly, now is not a good time for travelling so here I am remebering those places and wishing better times will come and finally we can travel to beautiful destinations again.

Paris, France

city, travel, and architecture image aesthetic, beautiful, and classy image

Brussels, Belgium

aesthetic, architecture, and beautiful image adventure, blue skies, and old image

Naples, Italy

travel, architecture, and city image aesthetic, architecture, and city image

London, United Kingdom

aesthetic, city, and london image london, city, and travel image

Wien, Austria

aesthetic, blue, and soft image aesthetic, austria, and beautiful image

Rabat, Morrocco

blue, travel, and white image morocco, place, and flowers image

Prague, Czech Republic

aesthetic, beauty, and canon image Temporarily removed

Rome, Italy

flowers, rome, and italy image aesthetic, garden, and photography image

Bratislava, Slovakia

architecture, bratislava, and bridge image travel, beauty, and adventure image

Firenze, Italy

travel, sunset, and aesthetic image adventure, florence, and food image

Bilbao, País Vasco (Spain)

bilbao, city, and spain image blog, blogger, and river image

Genève, Switzerland

bike, city, and geneve image

Budapest, Hungary

aesthetic, beautiful, and budapest image aesthetic, budapest, and city image

New York, USA

new york image aesthetic, architecture, and brown hair image

Marrakech, Morrocco

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Dublin, Ireland

city, europe, and vintage image bar, city, and dublin image

Madrid, Spain

aesthetic, building, and travel image building, aesthetic, and city image

Toulouse, France

architecture, city, and france image amis, amour, and ciel image

Frankfurt, Germany

beautiful, frankfurt, and german image fall, frankfurt, and live image



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