my favourite tv show ever, cant cont the amount of times i've rewatched it, esp season 3 <333

derek hale <33
'we don't like you. now shut up and help us.'

-the wolf; siames
-famous last words; mcr
-if you cant hang; sleeping with sirens

lydia martin <33
'not all monsters do monstrous things.'

-god is a woman; ariana grande
-kiwi; harry styles
-strawberry blonde; mitski

malia tate <3
'people can be so stupid'

-daddy issues; the neighbourhood
-ocean eyes; billie eilish
-bad girls; m.i.a.

stiles stilinski <333333
' i'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones; sarcasm is my only defence'

-scrawny; wallows
-tongue tied; grouplove
-talk too much; coin