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Wednesday, 15th July 2020

Today's topic is kinda sensitive but I think it would be interesting to see my perspective about it, however if you are easily triggered by these kind of ideas, I advice you to click away. Thank you!

I've seen plenty of posts on Instagram (and I'm certain there are on Twitter too) about how mothers should educate their sons to respect girls instead of trying to protect their daughters. I agree with this statement to a certain degree and that is the reason why many people disagree with my views.

First of all, I want to make clear from the beginning that educating boys to respect girls anf not treat them like objects is mandatory, and that may seem like a harsh word but we don't need any more r@pists kicking around on our streets, but at the same time, no one can guarantee that the boy would agree to cooperate.

The example I came up with about an hour ago, was about schools educating children from a young age not to steal. Pretty clear, right? Yet criminality rates keep rising and rising drastically. That doesn't mean that schools do something wrong or that what they're saying is useless, it just means that certain people choose to disobey the rules. Now the question is whether you choose to protect your house and your belongings or whether you don't pay attention and let them steal them. I don't know if it's an accurate example but I thought it made sense.

As pretty much every human being on Earth knows, this planet is filled with evilness and ignorance. While what these people support is absolutely right, it's not up to them to change other people's behaviour. That's why I believe that it is just as essential to educate girls about these dangers. The sad reality in today's world is that girls will always be exposed to the prying eyes of pred@tors, and it is just as important to protect them as it is to prevent it.

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