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Taking care of your hair is more complicated than you think it is. I really want to tell you a lot about shampoos, conditioners and oils, but I’ve decided that I’ll start with small things you can change so your hair stop breaking and get nice and smooth!

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I think all of us at wrap a towel around your head after shower. That’s a big mistake! You should never do that. Warm temperature and lack of air is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

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So how should you dry your hair?
You can use a towel, but remember to be very gentle. Every single hair is important if you really want to take care of it in the best way possible. Try to search for a towel that has a smooth surface. That will work even better!

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What shampoo should you choose? Simple! The one without SLS.
SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) are very strong detergent. They might irritate the skin on your scalp but it also might cause dandruff. It is good to use them from time, in case we feel like we used too much oil or conditioners and we want to “reset” our hair care. You shouldn’t use them more than once a week though!

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How to wash your hair?
That’s also quite easy but not so clear. You should remember that shampoo should be used to clean your scalp, not your hair. The best way is to get yourself a container in which you can mix shampoo and water and only then pour it on your head. This way your skin won’t react badly. Be gentle while massaging your scalp; try not to tangle your hair (it is very useful to brush them before washing).

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That's it for now! Make sure to follow me to see more articles about self care :)

Thank you!