thank you tiktok for the idea haha, since I don't make tiktoks I thought I would bring the trend here and add questions so it can be longer:)


Which male celebrities would you trust to hold your drink at a party while you're gone ?

icon, icons, and lq image ross lynch, cute, and the driver era image dylan minnette image photography, 13 reasons why, and christian navarro image banana, boy, and charlie image hot boy, netflix, and pope heyward image
Nick Robinson, Ross Lynch, Dylan Minnette, Devin Druid, Charlie Gillespie, Jonathan Daviss

Which celebrities would you go to for life advice ?

taraji, dailymail, and p. henson image Image by Sage zendaya coleman and zendaya image justin prentice image zac efron and smile image willow, locs, and willow smith image
Taraji P Henson, Alexis Ren, Zendaya, Justin Prentice, Zac Efron, Willow Smith / For their successful careers or things they've been through, I just feel like they would give super good advices:)

Which celebrities would you trust as president ?

brunette, pretty, and meghan markle image prince harry image rihanna image will smith, actor, and smith image Dwayne Johnson and the rock image black women, movies, and we heart it image
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Rihanna, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Viola Davis / I don't even need to elaborate for that one honestly

Which celebrities, according to you, would accept to pretend to be your bf (/significant other) in order to get a creepy guy to leave you alone ?

kalin white and kehlani image tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and smile image Image by Deepix Grey Image by 🌙zahra brandon flynn image
Kalin White, Tom Holland, Dylan Obrien, Froy Gutierrez, Rudy Pankow, Brandon Flynn / They just seem super sweet and compassionate:)

Which celebrities would you trust in any situations that could be embarrassing (like asking for a pad without being scared of them judging you or something) ?

aesthetic, hailee steinfeld, and vsco image auli'i cravalho image rp, filtered, and maggie lindemann image katherine langford image celebrity, girl, and cute image corona, victoria, and billie eilish image
Hailee Steinfeld, Auli'i Cravaloh, Maggie Lindemann, Katherine Langford, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish

Which celebrities, according to you, would pay for you if you were out in public and short of money ?

madelyn cline image ariana grande image Image removed noah centineo, boy, and noah image aesthetic, beautiful, and champagne image food and selena gomez image
Madelyn Cline, Ariana Grande,Tom Ellis, Noah Centineo, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez / It's just a feeling


Well I can't think of other questions but it was so fun to do, hope you enjoyed it:), I tried not to put the same celebrity twice but of course some of them could've been in more than one category