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Name: Ichika Kaneko
Stage Name: Ichika
Birthday: 14th December, 1998
Nationality: Japanese
Language: Japanese, English
Solo o Group: Group


Height: 1,68 m
Weight: 48 Kg
Eye colors: Black
Hair: Black with bangs

Image by ✿ 像肉桂一样甜❔ Image by ✿ 像肉桂一样甜❔


Ichika is a shy and sweet girl, but with a lot of determination and tenacity in achieving her goals. She manages to make friends with everyone, loves to joke and have fun with her friends.


- Airport/ everyday

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- On stage

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- Interviews

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- Awards

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ID: @FOXYIchika
posts: 157
followers: 3.1Mln
following: 132

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Idol Friends

japanese, かわいい, and 広瀬すず image asian, girl, and japanese image
Hirose Suzu (her best friend)
japan, kids, and haruka image japanese, Japanese actress, and 3ª image
Haruka Fukuhara
mei nagano image asian, mei nagano, and girl image
Mei Nagano
ジェシー, 森本慎太郎, and 田中樹 image sixtones image
boys, japanese, and snow man image asian, boys, and snow man image
Snow man


Ichika is currently single, this is because she mainly wants to focus on her career at the moment.


- she start in 2017 like a model

- in late 2018 she filmed her first Drama as a secondary actress, and caught the attention of many fans for her charisma and beutiful voice

- in 2019 she auditioned for Johnny’s Ent. as an actress, but the agency also decide to put her in a girls group

- she loves hang out to eat and have fun with her friends,meanwhile take photos


Group Name: Kitsunes
Concept: girls crush + power + temptation/mistery
Position: Vocals, visual and dancer
Debute Date: October 15th, 2019
Company: Johnny’s Ent.
Number of Member: 5

Debut song
" Try me "
-> combination of “Catch me if you can ” by Girls's Generation and “How you like that ” by Blackpink