Hello and welcome to my first song ranking post.

The first thing i would like to do is say thank u for reading my blogs and making me want to write even more blogs. I am very grateful for everyone who puts their time in reading what i post ♥️

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Very important to mention is also that this series is a “Song ranking” series which contains my honest and true opinion. If u disagree with my opinion I would appreciate u for not belittle/attack me as it is normal not to have the same opinion on something.

Let's start with the tracklist!

  • Intro
  • The Stars
  • Jump (Japanese Ver.)
  • Danger (Japanese Ver.)
  • Boy In Luv (Japanese Ver.)
  • Just One Day (Japanese Ver. Extended)
  • いいね! (Like (Japanese Ver.))
  • いいね!Pt.2~あの場所で~ (I Like It Part 2 At That Place)
  • No More Dream (Japanese Ver.)
  • 進撃の防弾 (Attack On Bangtan (Japanese Ver.))
  • N.O (Japanese Ver.)
  • Wake Up
  • Outro

And now to the ranking:


13. Intro: wake up

The last place has the Intro.. which again doesnt come as a surprise. I dont really like ti because of the dj-disc sounds.

12. Jump (Japanese version)

Jump is an interesting song because it’s an inspirational song. I like the message behind the song a lot. We jump as in we can do it ♥️. Nevertheless i placed the song not very high because i like other inspirational songs more than this one.

11. Outro: Wake up

The outro is a song i like a lot🥰. It’s not much and it has many repeating words but i really like it because it tells us to live our life! Which in my opinion is very important

10. 進撃の防弾 (Attack On Bangtan) (Japanese Version)

I like attack on bangtan but i dont feel too connected with the song so i places it at nr10.

9. No more dream (Japanese version)

Now to this piece of art. I LOVE no more dream B U T i am not more into the korean version which made me place it further back..

8. N.O (Japanese version)

Same goes for N.O . I still vibe to those song when they come on but i prefer the korean verisons a bit more... I guess it’s because i am more used to those🤷🏼‍♀

7. Danger (Japanese version)

Spoiler: Danger came first place in my last song ranking but only placed 7th place in this one... u may ask why 🤷🏼‍♀ Well the reason is simple: I love this song but in Wake up there are other songs i prefer over Danger..

6. Boy in love (Japanese version)

In 6th place comes Boy in luv. I absolutely love this song and i honestly also like the japanese version a lot. I still like other songs on this album more...

5. Wake up

I really like the song Wake up. The fact that they sing about telling us that everyone is waiting for me (y/n) is beautiful. This song tells me inside my heart that i shouldnt be afraid to show who i really am and that people wait for me to reveal myself and be happy.. There will be « haters » but that shouldnt hold me back. They have my back and many people will be on my side. I really like the song

4. I like it! (Japanese version)

This song is a break up song. It tells about the time u still wish for the other one to be with you. It may is too late already but after a breakup there always is the time u dont want to let go. You wish to be with that person with a little bit longer. I really like this song

3. I like it pt2!

Up next comes the I like it pt2 version of the song. It’s again a break up song but this time they want to meet up with y/n. They are well aware that we changed but somehow we are still the same. I really like the refrain. This song makes me feel very nostalgic as the person we love change over time and that’s normale. We may want to meet them again and go back to the happy time but that’s not always possible..🥺

2. Just one day (Japanese version)

Just one day is a beautiful song... i love it. The song is about them saying that all they need is one day. One day to hold hands, and do what they dreamed of. They ask for only one day... somehow i really love the song as i understand how both sides feel. The one side only wishes for one day bc they know it wont happen for longer and the other side feels sad because they cannot give them « just one day ».. They dont feel the same and dont want to give false hope; that’s why they would say no🥺

1. The stars

The stars is my fav song in this album. I like the message, the vibe and the melody. It’s really a beautiful song. The song tells us that as long as the stars are there everything will be fine. No matter what happens we will be alright. It’s a really beautiful message and deserved my place nr1 ♥️


Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you a great rest of the day and don’t forget to remain happy. :) Lots of love :)