Hi lovely readers❤️
💮 Since summer's rolling in, i'm out of school ( also i change school this year YAY ) just chilling and focusing on my new goals💮
♡ I decided to write again and share with you guys some of my favorite songs of July

1. Rental - Brockhampton

aesthetic, city, and goals image aesthetics, porsche, and yellow aesthetic image brockhampton, matt champion, and joba image aesthetic, skateboard, and skating image
this song has such good weird vibes, it feels like driving around or skating in the city, while smoking and being high with friends

2. Summer - Brockhampton

beach, vintage, and couple image love, aesthetic, and couple image 70s, 80s, and 90s image sky, aesthetic, and clouds image
This song is dedicated to a guy that i have a crush on ❤️ The vibe especially the guitar riff part is insanely good i almost cry

3. 10/10 - Rex Orange County

palm trees, happy, and summer image dog, retriever, and cute image flowers, sunflower, and sunset image dog, cute, and animal image
my dog passed away at the time i found this song..i love her so much and everytime i listen to this song i can always relate to the lyrics 💕

4. Imagination - Foster The People

aesthetic, sky, and travel image orange, aesthetic, and summer image friends, mountains, and sunset image
this song has a heavenly bass and beats, it feels like a lovely summer

5. ABQ - The Marías

academia, brown, and dark academia image horse and animal image Image removed house, green, and nature image
a definition of dark academia aesthetic, very soothing tune for summer nights

♡ Here's the link to my full playlist


Hope you guys enjoy it♡♡