Inspired by:

Name:Yang Bom
Age: 16 years old ( birthday: February/14/1978 )


red velvet, RV, and irene image gg, kpop, and red velvet image red velvet and irene image Image by Private User bad boy, girls, and kpop image aesthetic, black, and hair image
Face claim: Irene, has long black wavy hair and brown eyes


skirt, fishnets, and girl image outfit, fashion, and aesthetic image Image by XCX fashion, outfit, and style image Image by XCX oversized hoodie, mirror selfie, and fashionista fashionable image
lots of skirts and high end fashion brands

- cares a lot about her appearance
- sweet
- smart
- confident
- feisty
- brave


quotes image cartoon, pink, and powerpuff girls image Clueless, 90s, and yellow image Clueless, 90s, and movie image

Movie Genre:

scream image Image by Private User

Horror Movie Era:

Psycho, crazy, and grunge image aesthetic, goth, and blood image grunge, black, and dark image Image by Private User
90's ( 1994 )


boh image
a group of 4 masked teens who were outcast and planned to kill Bom,her boyfriend Seojun, and her friends to become famous and to get rid of them out of jealously.


dark and forest image aesthetic, yellow, and school image party, house, and grunge image
School,the Woods, and the house party ( In South Korea)


knives, pocket knife, and hunting knife image

Friends or Solo:

joy, yeri, and kpop image bad boy, gg, and girls image Temporarily removed Image by blue
Her friends: Seulgi, Wendy, Yeri, and Joy/ Seojun friends

Love Interest or Solo:

aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image boy, aesthetic, and korean image
Kim Seojun,( Her Boyfriend) who is the most popular guy at their high school

Stupid Decision:

80's, 90's, and 90s image
Bom's phone began to rang while they were hiding from the group of masked killers which made them know where Seojun and her were hiding while in the woods.

Dead or Survivor:

hero, survivor, and black image
They both survived, Seojun unfortunately got stabbed in the leg ( went to the hospital ) by one of the killers while fighting them and Bom only had a few minor starches on her face / body. 2/4 killers got killed and rest of them went to jail. 2/4 of Bom's friends were sadly killed :(