Hey it's me again! Found another cute tag that I felt like doing while I take a break from work for a bit!

Citing my inspiring source because I'm a scholar:

Let's go!

If i were...

...an element:

beach, blue, and nature image water, nature, and aesthetic image

...a color:

beautiful, beauty, and eye makeup image book and aesthetic image

...an animal:

Image by australianidict big, cats, and of image
A panther

... a decade:

aesthetic, cyber, and exo image neon, cyberpunk, and future image
The future!

...a disney princess:

disney, couple, and wallpaper image Image by Andrea Elizabeth
Princess Tiana

...a place:

sea, jamaica, and paradise image beach, jamaica, and tropical image

...a clothing item

fashion, beige, and brown image clothes, clothing, and dress image
A sweater

...a time of the day

atardecer, cielo, and sky image home, aesthetic, and sun image
Sunset...Is that considered a time of day? Oh well, sometime around then.

...a feeling:

collect, dope, and salty image school image

...natural phenomenon:

aesthetic, moon, and eclipse image moon, sky, and night image
An eclipse.

...a mythological creature:

magic, witch, and book image witch, black, and candle image
A witch. Wait does that even count as a mythological creature?

...a celebrity:

zendaya, makeup, and beauty image zendaya image
Queen Zendaya herself!

...a candy:

Image removed Image removed

...a season:

atardecer, exotic, and exotico image abs, fitness, and beach image

...a flower:

Image by cinderelamodernizada bouquet, flower, and roses image

...a scent:

nature, aesthetic, and clothes image aesthetic, nature, and cottagecore image
Clean laundry

...a makeup:

art, aesthetic, and makeup image cosmetic, mascara, and make up image

...an accessory:

beauty and jewelry image bracelet, gold, and jewelry image
A bracelet.

...a job:

space, stars, and astronaut image wallpaper, moon, and stars image
An astronaut

...a fictional character:

gif, girl, and sassy image caos, gif, and prudence image
Prudence, from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (I mostly just love Ambrose tbh)

...a cartoon character:

totally spies, alex, and cartoon image Image by Private User
Alex from Totally Spies :)

...a song:

flower, major lazer, and all my love image sky, pink, and sunset image
All My Love (remix) by Ariana Grande feat. Major Lazer

...a food:

food, pasta, and yes image food, pasta, and photography image

...a drink:

alcohol, drinks, and fruit image drink, tropics, and fruit punch image
Fruit Punch (preferably a Rum Punch lol)

...an object:

black, piano, and dark image music, min yoon gi, and piano image
A piano

...a view:

nature, beach, and blue image travel, beach, and ocean image
An ocean view

...a deadly sin:

envy and seven deadly sins image 90's, diva, and Queen image

The End Thanks for reading!

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