now this is another version of mine that I have for this movie and once again the characters are based on the appearances and on the acting skills


young version & old version

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💋 tom holland 💋 & sam heughan

for the young version of hercules i think who should play him would be tom holland the spiderman guy for the 2017 movie spiderman homecoming and also for the far from home movie because i feel like he looks like him and he's an amazing actor and for the old version of hercules I think who would be perfect for him would be sam heughan the guy that plays jamie fraser in outlander an amazing show i might add and can't wait for season 6 any way he would be perfect because he already has the hair down and the appearance and the amazing acting skills


hercules image
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sara sampaio & sharni vinson

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crystal reed

so I really couldn't decide from these three and I know that sara sampaio is a model and she doesn't do much acting but you know serena williams is professional tennis player and she show up in an episode of my wife and kids which is
"crouching mother hidden father" and a hilarious show I might add and michael phelps who showed up in some commercials and probably some other episodes or movies don't know if he did just saw him in a couple of commercials and i just feel like all these three girls all most look like meg and of course for the other two it's based on their amazing acting skills


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chris hemsworth

and yes i'm using chris again because you know he plays a great thor and he just looks good for greek god like character and his acting of course is amazing


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Tom Ellis & Tom Hiddleston

and once again couldn't decide over these two Tom Ellis or Tom Hilddleston
for Ellis i feel like he would be perfect for this role because he already plays a devil on lucifer and for hiddleston he was great playing loki from thor and this is a bad guy role and a lot of directors agree that hiddleston would be great for playing hades

ps: lucifer brand new season is out and it looks amazing can't wait to watch it