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Tomb Sirens were ancient and deadly creatures that the world has since forgotten. Some say they still lurk in deep and dark caverns, bellies empty awaiting their next feast. They reek of evil and melancholy. It is thought that crows and bats deliver their victims.
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Many know of the worlds more common form of sirens, ones disguised as beautiful half women upon rocky shores, with the lower half of their body a fish or a bird. Ones that sing songs to lonely sailors and lure them to their death. While not too different, Tomb Sirens were originally nymphs, innocent and pure, but never worshipped. And so as they grew older and less respected their bodies began to harden like black rocks and their backs hunched over. Through what little magic they still possessed, they took to the caves. These beasts lured any handsome and young adventurer that dared enter with their enchanting song.
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Tomb Sirens do not posses one origin, they come from all over the world. Where there was a dying nymph, a Tomb Siren was about to be born. They all do share a thirst for wanderers, men who are believed to be brave, maybe some are, but they do not die brave deaths. They are messy and terrible. Some, naive, believe them to be nothing but stories to scare your children. But you and I know they are far too real and ought to be feared.