hi love,

we all are or most of us definitely feel unconfident at certain times or way too often. and i guess it's time to stop feeling that way. because everyone is insecure and i know you hear it too often and most likely find it hard to believe, that certain people you wish you were like feel insecure too. but they do. it's true.

my point is we are all the same. some people are just better at "fake till you make it". and i know, there's a girl you daydream of that has still yet to set her foot in this planet. and for her to come, you gotta be confident.

and instead of keeping her to yourself, start sharing her. find the confidence to show the world that there is a girl that they're missing out on.

start telling yourself "i am confident."

you have to believe that you're confident, even though you aren't. i know it sounds tricky, but you have to master it, until it turn all natural. whenever you walk alone in public, forced to make eye contact with passer-bys tell yourself that you're confident. you won't try to look at the ground to avoid eye contact and you will walk with much more confidence.

this certain mantra seriously changes your entire energy. it's hard to keep up with it at times, but it does change your way of thinking and acting.

everytime you feel unconfident, just think you are confident. we all know that there's a huge difference between a person who is insecure and one who is confident. it's the energy. so if you can master to fake the energy for a while it'll become a new habit.

you have to also realise that not everyone knows that you're shy and insecure. and that's when you can fake till you make it. you don't have to think that you live inside a box that you can't get out of. and you don't have to think that because people already know you're shy today, it means that you have to be shy tomorrow. people can change.

you got this. from now on, just keep repeating this mantra. every morning. every night. every time you need to hear it.

at the end of the day, the biggest support system you got - is yourself.