★1★ if you could teach one subject in high school what it would be?

aesthetic, food, and indie image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
cook teacher! even tho idk if thats actually a high school teacher :$

★2★ what's your favorite cake?

bake, berries, and british image cake, classic, and dessert image
pound cake <3_<3

★3★ what is one thing you still have from your childhood?

hello kitty, aesthetic, and pink image soft, hello kitty, and kawaii image
some cute hello kitty plushies (they look sumn like this lmao)

★4★ must have purse item?

lipstick, pink, and red image Image removed
lipbalm/lipstick/lipgloss, hairbrush

★5★ what is an important life lesson to learn?

bisexual, colorful, and gay image stars image
"solo porque te tome más tiempo que a otros, no significa que estés fallando"

★6★ what is one goal you want to achieve in your lifetime?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It castle, dancer, and ballerina image
study dance!!!

★7★ would you ever live anywhere else besides your country?

canada, cool, and nights image Greece, greek, and Island image
how is that even a question T_T ofc

★8★ what is your favorite desert?

food, cake, and dessert image style, beautiful, and beauty image
cheesecake omg my fav is salted caramel cheesecake

★9★ what's the name of your last or current pet?

dog, cute, and animal image animal, dog, and pink image
ESTRELLA ☆ a poodle w white hair mybby

★10★ favorite pastry?

dessert, food, and lemon image sugar, sweet, and palmeras image
milhojas (mille-feuille) & palmeritas (palmier)

★11★ its brunch, what do you eat?

Image removed food and sandwich image
sandwich maybe?? idk where im from we dont do brunch

★12★ who is your favorite painter?

rococo image 18th century, art history, and portrait image
dont have any lol but i rlly like rococo paintings

★13★ favorite disney movie?

Anne Hathaway, 90s, and vintage image princess diaries 2 image
the princess diaries series

★14★ what's a city you wish to visit?

paradise, santorini, and isles image been, europe, and fly image
fira *-*

★15★ what do you do on a rainy day?

aesthetic, computer, and y2k image kawaii, pink, and laptop image
sulk bc when it rains my wifi stops workin

★16★ what do you usually eat for breakfast?

berries, breakfast, and brunch image breakfast, healthy, and oatmeal image
lately im doing this oatmeal diet sooo thats what i eat

★17★ what do you usually eat for dinner?

aesthetics, almond, and book image coffee and oatmeal image
oatmeal lol

★18★ how do you manage stress?

cry, alice, and disney image cry, alice in wonderland, and alice image
i cry

★19★ favorite snacks

cake, chocolate, and cup image aesthetic, chocolate, and delicious image

★20★ if you could make a documentary, what would it be about?

quotes, woman, and feminism image Image removed
oppression >:(

★21★ what are you most enchanted by?

girl image girl, fashion, and beauty image
beautiful women<3 lov em

★22★ what is one simple thing that makes you smile?

aesthetic, bunny, and hello kitty image pastel, yandere, and pink image
my bfies laugh :(

★23★ what is your biggest strength?

animal, reaction, and funny image aesthetic and vibes image

★24★ hidden talent?

aesthetic, strawberry, and red image fire, aesthetic, and boots image
can do a clover w my tongue, gross but yea

★25★ what do you find yourself doing a lot these days?

doodle, draw, and cute image melody, my melody, and sanrio image
watchin a lot of netflix shows

★26★ what do you first notice about someone when your meet them?

girl, aesthetic, and body image dark, black, and indie image
how they dress! their smile

★27★ what is your guilty pleasure?

food, donuts, and aesthetic image food, cake, and dessert image
highcarb foods :(

★28★ favorite tea flavor?

drink and food image aesthetic, drink, and food image
nestea<3 aaaaand hibiscus iced tea

★29★ what languages do you speak?

meme image cyber, editing, and goth image
espanol y english

★30★ what languages would you like to learn?

alternative, edgy, and french image game, japanese, and retro image
french, portuguese, japanesee

ive been doin this article for dayss omgg i took me so loooong findin every 2 pics 4 each question hh.. but hope u liked the messyy aesthetic<33

its the 1st one i make and im super inspired of some i looked on my tl so i think ill be doin many of these


。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

original ig?