I love watching documentaries ! They are interesting, fascinating and they are good for your general culture.
Here is a list of some documentaries I watched ( they are not all in here) :

If you want more recommendations :

TV reality/competition show I recommend on Netflix

Our Planet (Netflix)

Beautiful documentary! This show makes us realise how much our planet and all the animals are in danger but it also shows some spectacular view and creatures. It was made by the creators of " Planet Earth ".

Night on Earth + documentary how it was filmed (Netflix)

An amazing documentary filmed during the night, we learn a lot about animal behaviour at night. The images and the editing are extraordinary. It also exists a movie documentary about how it was filmed.

Primal Survivor (National Geographic)

I watched this show on Disney +. We can see Hazen Audel; a survival expert going on some dangerous journeys after learning all the skills from some of the most isolated tribes in the world.

Hostile Planet (National Geographic)

I watched this show on Disney + . The images are incredible. We can see how animals adapt or not to the change of climate and seasons.

100 Humans (Netflix)

I enjoyed this show a lot. 100 humans from different ages, genders and sexual orientations participate to a bunch of experiences. I could not find the trailer so I shared a video from watch mojo about the show.

Amazing Interiors (Netflix)

I love interiors decorations and this documentary is amazing, it shows differents houses with differents themes, some amazing some crazy and they are all original.

Explained (Netflix)

Such an interesting documentary! There is also others from the same type: the mind explained,  the sex explained, the coronavirus explained.

Evil Genius (Netflix)

This is a famous documentary and it's really interesting. If you like crime documentary you will love this one.

The Confession Tapes (Netflix)

Imagine you confess a murder you did not commit. It would be hard to think this can happen but it actually happens a lot under stress.

Inside the World's Toughest Prisons (Netflix)

So interesting and shocking to see the conditions in some prisons.

Dark Tourist (Netflix)

I love tourism, this is what I studied and this is crazy to see this kind of tourism and all this shocking places.

Murder Mountain (Netflix)

Just crazy story.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead + Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 (Netflix)

One of my favourite! This documentary show me how much we don't know how to eat. His transformation is spectacular and just by eating more vegetables than meat or processed food.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article.

Heidi 🌟